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Laguna Woods Palmetto Bugs Don’t Like the Sunlight

 Laguna Woods Palmetto Bugs Don’t Like the Sunlight - see them crawl like, like, Palmetto Bugs  When the Lights Come On!

Otherwise Playing Musical Legal Chairs – Legal Counsel a Carrier?

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Earlier we reported that the Bell Syndrome appears to be sweeping through Southern California, including the community of Laguna Woods, where the Third Mutual board found it necessary to file a lawsuit against its property management company PCM, including Janet Price.

Part of the problem is that at least four different boards are involved in the same, otherwise tranquil community:  Third Mutual, United Mutual, Towers and  Golden Rain Foundation, and all  four see the same issue through their own colored shades:  For example, the United and Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) boards seem reluctance to not only joint the Third’s lawsuit, but they are resisting joining the suit in an apparent conflict of interest:  Legal counsel for United represents both the board and the property management company.  The Towers?  As usual, asleep at the wheel.

Then, Janet Price, a defendant in the lawsuit, is attentively being listened to by United and GRF pertaining to financial matters – issues front and center of the Third lawsuit.  Adding insult to injury, PCM  defiantly issues a press release, attempting to qualify other service providers, despite a most obvious potential conflict of interest.

With all this as a backdrop, we understand that The United Board has hired Swendelson & Gottlieb as counsel for the mutual. Bill Hart and Hart, King and Coldren are now representing GRF.  Swendelson & Gottlieb is the firm involved in another community apparently struck with the Bell Syndrome:  Agoura, CA’s Morrison Ranch.   We also understand that United has hired Marin County’s Ragghianti Freitas’ Dave Feingold and Sarah Leger to investigate and advise it  about joining the lawsuit Third has filed against PCM.

At last count, the same tiny community with three boards are represented by three different law firms: GRF still has Hart, King, Coldren,  Third has Adams Kessler although it is being  being represented  in its lawsuit against PCM by Cohon, et al  and last but not least, the “forgotten ones”, the Towers represented by… but who cares about the Towers

If you followed all of this, you are still in the game of the Musical Legal Chairs, but be forwarned, legal counsel may be a carrier on the Bell Syndrome, and your community may be struck next!

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