Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boxer’s Epiphany: Small Business - From Enemy Combatant to Centerpiece

Posted to CotoBlogzz 08-24-2010

Madame Barbara Boxer thinks that a small fish is much more important than the California Farmer – which is why California farmers no longer have the water they need to keep the food supply chain fed.

Madam Boxer actively worked on the smoke-filled back-room deals, including Stupak’s Soul Sale, the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker’s kickback, the Union Bribe and the Teacher’s Payola – deals which eventually yielded government funded abortions, socialized medicine and ultimately forcing small businesses to put on hold any thoughts of expansion.

Then Madame Boxer supported the recent Financial Reform Ruse, we refer to as the Parasitic Feed Reform legislation.  No to mention the $26 Billion Teachers”  bailout the President referred to as “.. special interest legislation ONLY if you think it is”/

But it looks like Madame Boxer has seen the light.  In her August 23, 2010 press release, she writes that “ As I travel around California, I hear from countless small business owners who are struggling to get the credit they need to buy inventory, expand, and hire new workers.  That is why, when the Senate is back next month, we must immediately act to pass the Small Business Jobs bill, which will cut taxes and get credit flowing again on Main Street.”   But wait, there is more. 

Madame Boxer continues:  “Small businesses are the engines of our economic growth, creating 64 percent of the new jobs in America over the last 15 years.  But if we don’t provide them the credit and help they need, we could undermine efforts to get our economy back on track.”

What is wrong with this picture:  After borrowing trillions to fund countless anti-business measures at the state and national level, Madame Boxer has an epiphany and realizes that it is not government, it is not the President and it is not Congress the ones that create jobs, but private industry.  So after such an Epiphany, what is Madame Boxer proposing?  Of course, borrow more money for a new Jobs Bill!  “The centerpiece of this bill is a provision, based on legislation I introduced with Senator Jeff Merkley, that would create a $30 billion Small Business Lending Fund to help community banks extend loans to small businesses.”  Can you spell demagogue?

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