Friday, August 13, 2010

AG Jerry Brown Introduces Technology to Help CA’s Gambling Addicts & Pols

California Attorney General Jerry Brown Introduces Technology to Help California Gambling Addicts - Technology has the potential to be applied to legislators and politicians in general who suffer from pathological tax-and-spend syndrome

Posted By CotoBlogzz 08-13-2010

SACRAMENTO, CA  - Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today unveiled an innovative, web-based computer program intended to help addicted gamblers break their spiral of debt and addiction by allowing them to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling establishments. The technology has the potential to be applied to compulsive tax-spenders and cheaters in general.

"This system serves as a safety net for gambling addicts fighting to end their spiral of debt and addiction," Brown said. "These are people who have chosen to help themselves, and we'll assist them in keeping their pledges not to gamble."   With minor tweaks, it is expected the technology can be adapted to the California’s compulsive tax-hiker fighting to end California’s spiral of debt and tax-addiction.

According to the Attorney General’s office, an estimated one million Californians suffer from problem or pathological gambling, and more than 1,000 of them have signed up for the Attorney General's Self Exclusion Program, which allows problem gamblers to voluntarily exclude themselves from licensed cardrooms.  To join the Self Exclusion Program, a problem gambler fills out a form, has it notarized, attaches a photograph and chooses to be excluded for one year, five years or his or her lifetime. 

Now, according to an informal study by the Cotobuzz Journal, over 90% of all of California’s legislators and politicians in general, suffer from pathological tax-and-spend urges.  Wit  the various wasteful programs the AG’s office is involved in, thanks in part to the generous California legislature.  Of all the CotoBuzz Journal Self Exclusion Program invitations sent out to legislators and politicians alike,  not one has signed up, highlighting the need to use a similar technology as the one used by Jerry Brown's office.

On the other hand, of the 1,009 gamblers voluntarily on the list, 285 are for one-year terms, 196 are on for five- years, and 528 signed up for lifetime terms. Options are offered because some patrons are trying to learn to gamble responsibly while others are pathological or compulsive gamblers.  It is expected that within the next few weeks, forms will be sent out to all of California’s legislators and politicians, including Jerry Brown, inviting them to joint he CotoBuzz Self Exclusion Program – the modified version may contains options to allow politicians to tax-and-spend responsibly.


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