Monday, September 05, 2011

Lt. Governor Newsom’s - an Illustration of Self-Bounded Rationality

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – Today, KNX1070’s Frank Mottek interviewed California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome starting off with the bad job numbers in general.  The Lt. Governor was not surprised saying that surprising would be for anyone to be surprised. And added that something bold needed to be done, as proposed in Governor’s Brown’s latest plan, which is in essence, a plan for a terrible plan, as follows

1)       Creating a job’s Czar
2)       Create a commission to study the issue
3)       Create a workforce commission

Apparently Lt. Governor Newsom did not learn much from his job’s trinket to Texas.  We continue to make the argument that jobs follow Winstren’s Law:  Jobs go where needed and stay where well treated and that California, aided and abetted by the symbiotic relationship between unions (CTA and SEIU spent over $500 million in ten years to buy favors from Sacramento lawmakers),  lobbyists (lobbyists outnumber  lawmakers by 10 –1) and parasitic bureaucracies (such as CLRC, LAFCO, AQB) and lawmakers have created  a gigantic  “Jobs not wanted in California” sign.   So, while the Lt. Governor is right that bold action is required, a plan for a terrible plan is not bold.

While the Governor and Lt. Governor’s plans are boneheaded  this is  not surprising.  After all it can be attributable to Brown & Newsom’s self-bounded rationality, also known as tunnel vision.  And while we continue to assert that the Mostly Left Wing and Hyphenated (MLWH) Media use WPD to manipulate the apathetic, uninformed and otherwise cognitive-challenged electorate, what is surprising is that the Lt. Governor and for that matter, all of the guests in today’s Business Hour show went unchallenged. What can you expect from the rest of the  MLWH media?

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