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HOA Law Firm Adams-Kessler Declares War on LA Times HOA Columnists

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - While we do not know what motivates Adams-Kessler to launch a major offensive with the obvious intent to discredit the LA Times Column written by by Stephen Glassman and Donie Vanitzian, keep in mind that Adams-Kessler almost exclusively represents the status quo, whereas the columnists make an effort to comfort the afflicted. 

Glassman and Vanitzian are the authors of Villa Appalling!: Destroying the Myth of Affordable Community Living (2002).  Vanitzian is the author of the Thomson-West legal treatise, California Common Interest Development — Homeowner’s Guide (2006-2007) and a HOA advocate.

Further, the law firm has had major challenges representing the status quo in several HOAs in general and the Laguna Woods Village in particular.  It so happens that community activists in these HOAs are avid readers of the aforementioned LA Times column

We asked Mr. Adrian Adams to comment on our observations.  Adrian Adams and Gary Kessler are members of Community Associations Institute, CAI, and Kessler is active in CAI’s legislative action committees (LAC) helping to shape the national lobbying organization’s (that’s CAI’s) view of the HOA industry.  Among other things, in 2004 CAI had cautioned the NJ appellate court in the Twin Rivers free speech case against “the unwise extension of constitutional rights to the use of private property by members (as opposed to the public) (Amicus curiae Community Association Institute (“CAI”), Committee For A Better Twin Rivers v. Twin Rivers Homeowners Association (TRHA), Docket No. C-121-00., p.19).

While Mr. Adams was prompt to our request, his answer was non-responsive.  The question we asked was about is  the apparent attempt by  Adams-Kessler to discredit the LA Times  HOA advocate columnists.  His response:  “The topic of managers in meetings has already been covered in more detail on our website. See:

We informed Mr. Adams that we viewed his answer as non-responsive and urged him to clarify his remarks for our readers.


During last night’s Third Board meeting called expressly to remove Director McDaniel for what can be characterized as  “because we can” argument, supported by Gary Kessler of Adams, Kessler, the directors accomplished their task, after re-scheduling the meeting for a third time.
On the other hand, it was a poor debut for Gary Kessler, new Third Board legal counsel, who insisted the removal was  legal, while expecting that his opinion will be challenged in court.  Residents expressed not being  “…all impressed with Mr. Kessler, his persona was nervous and much like a young man on his first date meeting the parents for the first time!! Nervous and skittish, with a silly laugh ! He could use some work on his people skills.”
Any bets as to how long Adam’s Kessler will represent the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight?

 A LAWSUIT WAS JUST FILED ON AUGUST 27, 2010 AGAINST "CAI LAWYERS" ADAMS KESSLER, PLC ("AK") by the Cerritos Villas Homeowners Association ("CVHOA") in Ceriitos, California.
The Complaint against Adams Kessler,PLC (AK) alleges NEGLIGENCE and BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY.
The Complaint alleges as follows:
1. AK (Adams Kessler,PLC) was discharged on August 28, 2009 as the communities lawyers
2. One or more members of the former board of directors for CVHOA were participating in the embezzlementof funds from CVHOA.
3. AK (Adams Kessler) together with the 

The Salvo Heard Around Laguna Woods and the rest of the Homeowners Association/Common Interest Property Industry
Laguna Woods, CA - It is heretic for homeowners association to go against a property management company – after all, a whole multi-billion dollar  industry has been built around the notion that  since in a common interest development (CID) community, the board is composed of volunteers who come and go, it is up to the property management company and legal counsel to properly manage the “institutional brain” – that is, directors do mostly what the property management company and or legal counsel dictated.  Just pay a visit to the Community  Association Industry  for a perfect example in support of the premise.

The Laguna Woods Third Mutual Board mimicking the recent OC CCW hearings, finally politically assassinated one of its own.
Katie McDaniel, an apparent critic of the status quo was removed last night from the Third Mutual Board by majority acclamation - by a board referred to as the Gang Who Couldn't Shot Straight

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