Friday, September 30, 2011

If your business can make it in New York, can it make it anywhere? Find out!

The Second Annual Latin Media & Entertainment Week to showcase talent, growth and diversity of Latin New York

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NEW YORK – To celebrate  Hispanic Heritage Month, the Latin Media and  Entertainment Commission (LMEC) announced  the Second Annual Latin Media & Entertainment  Week (LMEW) will take place from Monday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 9th. 

Because New York City has the greatest number of Hispanic-owned business and sales than any other city in the U.S. and with buying  power increasing in the Latino population, New York is playing a greater role in investment and business  opportunities.

“Latin Media and Entertainment Week is a great example of why New York City continues to be a thriving  destination for Hispanic entrepreneurial and cultural leaders,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

“I'm just so pleased to see such vibrant activities going on here in this Latin Cultural City, despite the  tough economic times. What makes it so New York is that our Latin culture has crossed-over and appeals widely across the City; and to learn that Hispanic-owned businesses in NYC sold more than Hispanic  businesses in any other city in the country is a testament to what New York City has to offer,” said Mario  L. Baeza, chairman, Latin Media and Entertainment Commission and founder and chairman Vme Media,  Inc.

The mission of the Latin Media and Entertainment Commission is to establish New York as the leading global economic Latin cultural center and destination.  This year, the LMEC  released its first  “New York City: The Capital of Latin Media & Entertainment Fact Pack.” I where it compares and contrasts   New  York and other U.S. cities with large Latin populations, showing  data pertinent to New York’s  Latin population growth, increased educational achievements, biculturalism and bilingualism, use of  technology, an array of Latin cultural activities, and growing tourism.  

To kick-off the week-long celebration, LMEW will open with two Business Conferences (Hispanic
Professionals Networking Group Entrepreneurs Conference and the CEO’s Summit Conference) that will  unite the leading Hispanic entrepreneurs, Media, Entertainment, Technology and Brands to exchange  marketplace insights and best practices.  The conferences will focus on providing the necessary skill sets and operational procedures to help small businesses grow, share and enhance a broader knowledge of  industry's best practices and plan out ways to grow brands and maximize results in the marketplace. 

 “We recognize that business leaders wake up every morning thinking about digital and Hispanic as the  two leading growth drivers in the U.S. and the second Annual Media & Entertainment Week will help us  showcase the impact Hispanics are having in both of these sectors in New York and around the country,”  said Randy Falco, president & CEO of Univision Communications Inc.

 Carlos Manzano, executive director of the LMEC. Said  “New York City has solidified its standing as a major Latin hub for culture, media and entertainment.   With the second LMEW, we’re showing the world that the city offers a window of opportunity to explore, invest and tap into the large Latin market and the talent from the most dynamic and diverse Latin  population in the U.S.” 

The LMEW is an opportunity for all New Yorkers and visitors to enjoy great Latin events, some of which  are open and free to the public. This year’s activities will include art, music, comedy, theater, networking,  business functions, and cultural events. For more information and a full calendar of all Latin Media and  Entertainment Week events, click here  

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