Friday, September 02, 2011

Will Laguna Woods Choose Misery?

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Laguna Woods Village, CA - Today ballots will be mailed for the election of Directors for Third Mutual Board.   The choice is clear:  You can vote for 1) fiscal responsibility,  transparency and accountability or   2) Obfuscation, and LID ( lie, ignore, deny) Kathryn Freshley, Dr. John Paulus and Carol Skydell are representative of the former and if you agree, it is suggested you ONLY  vote for these three candidates, as doing anything else gives the opposition the upper hand.

 They trio has voted to keep monthly assessments the same for 3 years including 2012, while also increasing Reserves to nearly $20,000,000!.   The opposition's obfuscation includes  constant angry reference to an "ill conceived lawsuit," referring to the Third's Lawsuit against PCM.  This is the same lawsuit the United Mutual  board acknowledged merit, but cowardly, decided not to pursue it.  

It is the fiduciary duty of directors to investigate and correct actions taken without full board's  knowledge or approval, particularly when it involves resident's own money. What is so ill conceived about a lawsuit that ended up in a mutually acceptable settlement that did not cost Third one penny because all fees were reimbursed and additional money was obtained?

What about the   miraculous appearance of $ 300,200.00 "donation" from PCM? To date, the board has refused to confirm how the the miraculous event may have happened.

Continuously selecting misery when becoming aware it is a choice, is simply insane .

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