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Spitzer Lied, Electrons Died, DeVore Whined

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - We previously uncharacteristically decided to endorse Todd Spitzer over Chuck DeVore  for a seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors, mostly because of

  • Judgment
  • Temperament
  • Focus
  • Conviction
  • Results
We have also been a lone crying prophet about what we refer to as California's Triple Threat -  the symbiotic relationship between unions (CTA and SEIU spent over $500 million in ten years to buy favors from Sacramento lawmakers),  lobbyists (lobbyists outnumber  lawmakers by 10 –1) and parasitic bureaucracies (such as CLRC, LAFCO, AQB) and politicians, and why we think that an independent audit of the county in general and the Orange County Sheriff's (OCSD) is in order.  We have also asked Mr. DeVore to tell us his bold new initiatives for the county.  Instead Mr, DeVore picks up where he left off in the  DeVore-Fiorina 2010 race  - even when it was evident Ms Fiorina would emerge victorious, Mr. DeVore carried on with his asymmetrical negative campaigning 

In fact, Mr. DeVore did not like what blogger Sherman Tank had so in response to one of our pieces published in  the  Red County that he took the time to author a response titled, Anonymity, Substantive Debate and Libel, Sherman Tank a case in point.  Our  assessment is that while Mr. DeVore seems to like to dish it out, he does not like to be the recipient of any sort of criticism

More of the same is contained in the most recent money mailer from Mr. DeVore's campaign titled Spitzer lied; electrons died!- copied below in its entirety  apparently implying a Eureka Moment.  In reality, this is simply a DeVore Deja Vu Moment.  In other words, if Mr. DeVore is serious about California's Triple Threat, is it too much to ask to tell us specifically what he is willing to do - everything we have approached the subject with him, he has in essence told us:  "sorry, there is nothing I can do"

 Last month you may recall that I criticized my opponent for the Orange County Board of supervisors, long-time Big Labor politician Todd Spitzer, for illegally hiding dozens of union donations worth $54,150 in mandated campaign finance disclosure statements. In reply, Spitzer told the OC Weekly, “Chuck needs to learn how to read campaign finance reports.”  Spitzer denied wrongdoing to the paper, saying he had not hidden any union money. Spitzer then told the press, “I'm adhering to [Orange County Republican Party boss] Scott Baugh's manifesto and will not take any union contributions for my supervisor's campaign. What Chuck is saying is frivolous. All of my money is traceable.”
 Really? Well, last night, when Spitzer thought no one was looking on the eve of the Labor Day weekend, he filed a 519-page amended campaign finance report.  This report contains 189 missing pages of information that Sptizer was legally required to report last month.  189 pages detailing dozens of Big Labor donations of the type Spitzer denied accepting just a few weeks before.
 So, what have we learned? Spitzer lied about not covering up his Big Labor donations. Spitzer lied about accepting union donations. Spitzer lied about saying all his money was traceable. In short, Spitzer lied; electrons died.  Just a small portion of the Big Labor money Spitzer tried to hide from the Teamsters, AFSCME, the California Teachers Association and dozens of other unions. To see Spitzer’s denials in the press last month, read this article:

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