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Bavaria Meets Vienna in Leavenworth, WA – thanks to ICCA

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Leavenworth, WA – What do you get when you combine, breath-taking scenery, an outdoor musical performance to suit your taste and natural fireworks brought o you by fireflies, with a taste of Bavaria? Answer:  Leavenworth, Washington!

Bavaria in Central Washington

And as they say in the Infomercials, but wait, there is more!

According to an Icicle Creek Center for the Arts press release  “ While Leavenworth has been home to various local artists and arts organizations, Icicle Creek is in the middle of an exciting transformation, broadening its extraordinary classical music organization into a vibrant home for a wider array of artistic excellence that blends performance, education and advancement of the classical and lively arts in a gorgeous, rural location.”

Vienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria and is  by far the largest city in Austria, as well as its cultural, economic, and political center.

Michaeler Plaza, outside grand entry to Hofburg Palace

Icicle Creek Center for the Arts is dedicated to celebrating excellence in the lively arts and inspiring generations of artists and audiences through exceptional experiences, live performances, and special events - all in the breathtaking, natural setting of the mountain meadows. 

The same press release quotes Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce Director, Nancy Smith saying:  "Icicle Creek Center for the Arts has great economic value that can be harnessed to increase regional economic growth. Leavenworth and our visitors will continue to benefit from the positive connections and experiences with artists and the arts in this worthwhile investment for the community.”

ICCA tells fans and supporters they can count on continued excellent, musical and innovative performances, and “while planning a destination vacation to Leavenworth, visitors will surely add "Icicle Creek" to the list - next to brews and brats of course, but not necessarily in that order.”

For more information about Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, contact Lilia Grundy at or (509) 548-6347.

To Bavaria and Back in 100 hours
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Bavaria, the largest German state by area, forms almost 20% of the total land area of Germany and is Germany's second most populous state with Munich as its capital. Bavarians consider themselves to be egalitarian and informal. Their sociability can be experienced at the annual Oktoberfest, the world's largest beer festival, which welcomes around six million visitors every year, or in the famous beer gardens.

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Leavenworth is our very favorite place to go.

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