Monday, September 12, 2011

LAUSD PD Guilty - Superintendent Remarks Disgraceful!

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -   Jeffrey Stenroos, 30, a Los Angeles Unified ( School District LAUSD)  police officer charged with faking his own shooting, triggering a massive manhunt and schools lockdown,  and who pleaded not guilty  to  a six-count grand jury indictment was convicted today of four felonies and one misdemeanor. Stenroos was taken into custody and has been ordered to undergo a psychological exam. He is due back in court Dec. 14 for sentencing.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Paul Nunez told Judge Patricia Schnegg that the city is seeking $361,289 in restitution, and the Los Angeles Unified School District is seeking $58,000 in medical costs. The district is still determining the cost of keeping students in lockdown at eight campuses for up to 10 hours, prosecutors said.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy said he will recommend that the district's board of education fire Stenroos.  According to Deasy,

"Mr. Stenroos is a disgrace to the Los Angeles School Police Department and this district...Since he has been found guilty of five of six counts in a court of law, our legal team can proceed more quickly with the required processes needed to end the officer's employment."
We disagree:  It is disgraceful that Stenross has been on a paid-leave at taxpayer's expense AND Deasy is merely recommending that the district board of education fire Stenroos.  This is merely another artifact of the symbiotic relationship between politicians, the union, lobbyists and parasitic bureaucracies that have bankrupted the state.  In the private sector, for example, Stenrosse would have been terminated on the spot.

As it is, in order to terminate an incompetent union employee in public education, requires an Act of Congress.   And the way the Congress is acting right now, this implies the chances are zero to none!

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