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Biomanufactured meat better than uncultured meat

By CotoBlogzz

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -  Regardless of which side of the global debate climate you may be, there is a good chance that despite what presidential candidate Donald Trump says: "I love my uncultured beef" you will agree that based on current statistics, the current method of processing meat is barbaric, I humane, uncultured and certainly not sustainable.

Consider the following:

As of today, there are more than seven billion people in the planet, requiring some 60 billion land animals to meet the current demand.  Note that there are more than 4 billion people who do not have reliable access to drinking water

By 2050 global population is expected to be 10 billion people, requiring 100 billion animals, 33% Ice-free land, 8% water globally, 18% gases contributing to greenhouse effect

For good measure, we throw in the following statistic from the 2015 Corruption Perception Index: Over six billion people live under corrupt governments

A plausible so,union to the world 's hunger for meat is bio-fabrication. The process is analogous to wine-making:  Start with desired cells such as beef, lamb or pig, grow the cells in a clean room environment and voila.

Maastricht University uses the consumer-friendly term cultured-meat instead of bio fabrication and describes the process as follows:

"Cultured Beef is created by painlessly harvesting muscle cells from a living cow. Scientists then feed and nurture the cells so they multiply to create muscle tissue, which is the main component of the meat we eat. It is biologically exactly the same as the meat tissue that comes from a cow." 

See the image below comparing the current barbaric process to the more cultured process.  Also, below is a Maastricht University simulation illustrating the process.

biomanufactured meat process just like modern wine making

Maastricht University video illustrating the biomanufacturing process

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