Saturday, June 11, 2022

Now are you Anti-Vaccine Now?

Yesterday, I noted on a LinkedIn post, that a Pfizer tweet using a Dr. Becci Corkill piece apparently intended to reassure Pfizer's customers that medical breakthrough are not that rare may have the opposite effect.

Pfizer Tweet on Breakthroughs  By Dr. Corkill 

 A Senior Software Engineer took exception and wanted to know if I was anti -vaccine
LinkedId Post that triggered the Are You Anti-Vax

Perhaps others may have had the same impression.  So, to clarify:  I am not anti-vax.  In fact, my whole family has been vaccinated, except for my grand children, for what now should be obvious reasons.

I am a technocrat. I have a Biomedical Engineering degree. I am conversant with the scientific method. I'm certified to tutor PhD candidates on research methodologies 

I am familiar with clinical trials. Very similar to exception handling in software development, but orders of magnitude more complex. 

I have written about how research that threatens the status quo, such as hydro chloroquine, is quickly vilified and rarely sees the light of day.  If it does not get out of the lab, it never existed. - analogous to sentiment analysis in social media, where advertisers have editorial rights to direct the sentiment in their favor.  The Harvard Wyss Institute Organ On a Chip has the potential of disrupting the clinical trial industry 

So what IS the problem?

I'm against corporate greed and power-hungry corrupt politicians who issue mandates for the people, but not for them: Congress, USPO & PFIZER employees as well as illegal aliens were exempt from Vax mandate 

Image Credit: FEE composite | Gage Skidmore, Cjh1452000, Lorie Shaull, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pfizer's use of  Dr Becci Corkill creative piece to convince me that the law of Unintended Consequences is not applicable to Pfizer is  technically as  strong as Beech-Nut’s study on bacon & eggs 

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