Thursday, April 06, 2006

Apathy Reigns Supreme! – In Coto de Caza District Delegate Elections

Of 46 districts, requiring 25% votes to constitute quorum, only districts 9, 11, 21 and 46 came through, and their respective delegates were confirmed by acclamation, during the CZ master association district delegate elections held today at 6:00 pm at the Club House.

Judging by the questions being asked by the pitiful attendance, and responses provided, it was evident that apathy, as well as chaos reigned supreme. How are residents informed? What is the follow up? How are candidates informed? Do residents understand the implications? Etc., etc.

The delegates elected with a reported quorum are:

District Name
9 Xochitl Yocham
11 Terry Corwin
21 Robert Curran
46 Robert Varo

For those districts without quorum, a meeting has been scheduled for April 27 at 6:00. The quorum requirements drop significantly to a whopping 5%

But then again, why bother? Since the only official district delegate duty is to elect and recall board members and we have already called the election, perhaps we can save all the money go directly to installing the new board members by acclamation?

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