Sunday, April 30, 2006

Coto De Caza BOD Communication ERRATA

The May 2006 issue of the Coto de Caza President’s Letter contains an error that can have a significant impact on the 2006 board of director’s election:

The message reads in part “The newly elected Delegates from the 45 CZ Master Districts will be voting to fill two Board of Directors position in May. There are six candidates running and a “Meet The Candidates” nigh is scheduled for Thursday, May 11”

The problem is that there are only four candidates currently running – NOT six, as stated in the letter. George Barnes and Brett have withdrawn.

Given recent past history, most district delegates will either vote via proxy, or will abstain. Ditto for Candidate’s Night: We expect little to no interest in this meeting, since this is largely ceremonial.

If the district delegates are under the impression that the six original candidates are still running, given that cumulative voting will be used, the net effect is that proxies will be diffused, advantage the house!

Now of course, we know what the possible excuse will be from those responsible for managing the elections and communications with Coto de Caza residents: “The candidates who dropped out, did not follow proper procedure, so we cannot publish unofficial documents” – this coming from the same people who actively solicited district delegate candidates, directly benefiting the current board. The same people who have conveniently neglected to return calls from independent minded delegate candidates. The same people who conveniently sent out incorrect delegate candidate information to mislead residents in areas where in depended minded delegates had a chance to win! – Makes sense!

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