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The April 21 issue of the CanyonLife reports that “Fred Lisanti of Pacific Oak Security, security consultants to the ( Coto de Caza) board, presented a report indicating the official crime rate in Coto de Caza is low when compared to other communities of its size.

This after CNN/Money in 2004 reported that according to FBI and other agencies, the Coto de Caza crime rate was higher/per capita than any other neighboring gated or un-gated community. Even so, CNN/Money had Coto de Caza in their list of the Best Places to live, alongside Rancho Santa Margarita. As of 2005 CNN/Money dropped Coto de Caza altogether.

The CanyonLife then goes on to “report” that “Lisanti said one of the reasons for the low rate was that people within the community usually call Coto’s security department rather than the sheriff’s department, even when security advised residents to call the sheriff.” – As Cotobuzz had predicted, the only practical use for a “security consultant” is to manipulate the local media! – By the way, Coto residents, who was responsible for the recent Transponder Debacle? Exactly!

The Real Picture


Totals Reports (Part I, II & III) 18 22

Part I
Aggravated Assault 0 2
Burglary 2 2
Larceny/Theft 4 2

Part II
Other Assaults 6 1
Fraud 2 5
Other Offenses 1 3
Suspicion 2 0
Vandalism 0 3
Vehicle Violations 0 1

Part III - Non-Criminal Incidents
Prank 1 0
Other Non-Criminal 0 3

Total Number of Domestic Violence Cases
Domestic Abuse 1 3

Total Number of Arrests 1 0

Age Breakdown for Suspects Jan-06 Feb-06
17 years and under 0 2
18-20 years 0 0
21-24 years 0 1
25-29 years 1 0
30-34 years 0 1
35-39 years 1 3
40-44 years 1 0
45-49 years 0 0
50 years or older 0 0

Local and National Coverage of Coto's March 2006 Madness:

USC Teacher Charged in Real Estate Investment Scam
March 25, 2006
By Mai Tran / Times Staff Writer
A USC lecturer who teaches at the university's business school was arrested Friday by FBI agents for allegedly bilking investors — many of them his students — out of more than $1.5 million and spending much of the money on show horses. Barry...

Just Real Life, With a Larger Bust Size
March 24, 2006
Dana Parsons
Time was when a good solid rain on Trabuco Creek could make the only road into Coto de Caza impassable and shut it out from the outside world. This week, a Coto resident told a national cable TV audience she'd had breast augmentation that pumped her up...

Boy Says Paintball Attack Felt Like 'Fire'
March 22, 2006
By Juliet Chung / Times Staff Writer
A 13-year-old boy partially blinded in a drive-by paintball shooting faced a bank of TV cameras Tuesday to describe what it felt like being hit. "It was a sharp pain," like "fire," Sam Applegate, his right eye covered by a silver mesh patch, told...

Where my community went wrong with kidsIn which I pretty much force my own exodus from Coto.
Thursday, March 30, 2006

USC lecturer held in scheme
Associated Press
LOS ANGELES -- A part-time business lecturer at the University of Southern California was arrested Friday for allegedly running a Ponzi scheme that authorities say bilked at least $1.5 million from real estate investors, some of them students who took his class.

Barry Landreth, 36, was taken into custody at his home in the gated community of Coto de Caza in Orange County. He was jailed Friday in lieu of $500,000 bond, said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller. A preliminary hearing was set for April 7.
FBI agents also seized assets Landreth allegedly acquired with his victims' funds, including a luxury car and several show horses

Myrtle Beach Herald
News Index. Front Page ... Landreth was arrested at his Coto de Caza, California home on charges that he had defrauded a number of people out of over $1

USC business lecturer arrested in fraud case - Today's Paper ... is the online news site of The Bakersfield Californian, ...
custody at his home in the gated community of Coto de Caza in Orange County. ..
East Valley Tribune | Daily Arizona News for Chandler, Gilbert ...
Even if it’s hyped, all the news about identify theft has had the advantage of ... Heather Harding, 34, of Coto de Caza, Calif., learned the value of alerts ...

NBC 4 - Slideshows
One or more suspects in a paintball attack in Coto de Caza that left a 13-year-old boy with ... Get E-Mail News Headlines When YOU Want Them. Breaking News

Bravo's perception violates my realityAnd now, class, Mr. Mickadeit has a very special test for you children from Coto.
Friday, March 31, 2006

The Real "Desperate Housewives"...
LA Times | Paul Brownfield | March 21, 2006 at 05:07 PM
"Eighty-five percent of the women around here have had breast implants," says Kimberly, matter-of-factly. It's what passes for a census study behind the gates of Coto de Caza, an O.C. development for the nouveau riche and the setting of Bravo's sad and highly watchable new reality soap, "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

reality blurred + Blow Out returns, The Real Housewives debuts on ...
... the ABC’s housewives—and their families in Coto de Caza, a gated community.
... reality blurred is a daily digest of reality TV news written, produced, ... Latest News. ... including those in nearby Coto de Caza, setting
for Bravo's upcoming reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County

'The Real Housewives of Orange County' - 'Housewives' in a ...
Zap2it is your source for entertainment news, TV guides, ... Coto de Caza, according to its website, is one of Orange County's older planned communities Residents Want Answers Amid Paintball Attack
COTO DE CAZA - Residents of a gated community raised the reward to $5,000 for information on a suspect or suspects whose paintball attack left a 13-year-old boy with with eye damage that might be permanent. - Reward Offered To Catch Paintball Shooter
CBS 2 / KCAL 9: Your Source For Southern California's Breaking News, Weather, ... To help the investigation, the Coto de Caza residents raised their $3000 ...

The News Tribune (Lite) - ‘Housewives’ riles some in Orange County
And that means trouble in the resortlike development of Coto de Caza. ... Why did he pick these women to represent Coto de Caza? ...

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According to the April 20, 2006 issue of the Wall Street Journal, in February 2006, the Justice Department named Jane Horvath its first privacy and civil liberties officer, making her responsible for developing and...
Breaking News: South Orange County Public Safety Round Up
RSM- During the April 12, 2006, Rancho Santa Margarita City Council meeting, the council adopted an ordinance that will prohibit people from walking on city street medians. Under the ordinance, pedestrians will not be allowed to step, stand, sit or...
Breaking News: WMP Found during CZ BOD Meeting! FEMA , the Sheriff’s Office and UC System to help solve Coto’s Problems!
Various weapons of mass persuasion were found during the Coto de Caza Board of Director meeting held last night in the Coto Golf Club:
Teen Driver Safety: CHP's StartSmart Program
According to the CHP, Teen drivers are found at fault in 66% of ALL FATAL collisions that they are involved in, although they only represent 4% of the state's licensed drivers, and the leading cause of DEATH for Americans 15 - 20 years old is motor...

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