Friday, April 07, 2006

Conversation with CZ Master BOD Candidates: Dr. Betty H. Olson

Conversation with CZ Master BOD Candidates: Dr. Betty H. Olson

Dr. Betty H. Olson’s resume reads like it belongs in the Who Is Who of National Luminaries and a Coto de Caza Board of Directors would be extremely fortunate to have such a brilliant mind on board – talk about an extreme contrast: On the right we have the brilliant mind of Dr. Olson, and on my Left…. – the visuals are tantalizing!
Dr. Olson’s motivation to run for the board is that she attended one board meeting last year and wants to help residents create user-friendly access to websites, and thinks the 4th of July Parade is just dandy and “The Board and residents have done an excellent job making Coto a wonderful place to live” (CZ, 05/06)

As intriguing as it is to see Dr. Olson on a Coto de Caza board her ideas contained in theCZ Candidate’ss Statement of “developing innovative technological solutions for traffic control problems through partnerships with nearby Universities would benefit the Coto community…” simply indicates that there would not be that much difference after all – if you drive around the community, you see plenty of blind spots where countless of near-miss accidents have been registered and sadly enough the place where a fatal hit an run accident. The board has been notified to do something about this blind spot, such as trimming of trees, yet nothing has happened. Reminds us of candidate Xochitl Yocam’s statement “public safety is not rocket science, it is common sense”.

After several attempts at contacting Dr. Olson through email, we tracked her down to her lab, expecting to get in touch with Frankie. Turns out that neither Dr. Olson nor Frankie were available and Dr. Olson has either not had time or inclination to return our calls.

On balance, Dr. Olson is providing the needed “dilution effect” needed make our forecast for the 2006 CZ Master Association a reality: Her being in the ballot, and because of cumulative voting, simply gives the board a multiplier effect. Then independent district delegates looking for change may vote for Dr. Olson, thereby diluting the “change vote”

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