Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coto - Scott Dunlop Should Run and Hide

TO:Frank Mickadeit @ OCR

Mr. Mickadeit: I read with interest your Orange County Register article about the Desperate Housewife’s and families of Coto Reality TV show produced by Scott Dunlap, a 19 year resident of Coto. While I am sure, as is the case in any affluent community, that we have a contingency of shallow, self-absorbed, botoxed, dysfunctional families in Coto some of whom are trust fund babies as is portrayed in Dunlap’s chronicle, I can assure you as a resident of Coto since 1996 and former CZ Board member that most families in Coto have worked very hard for what they have, regularly attend church or temple, share their blessings with numerous charities and live in normal, healthy families with sound values. Mr. Dunlop, for money, has chosen to portray the worst of our community rather than the best because there is no sensational news in normal families. Scott Dunlop should run and hide in the shadows of our community because what he has done for money is a real embarrassment to our community and generally disgraceful. He should be ashamed of himself. Be assured, we are certainly ashamed of him and his TV program.

Finally, there is an interesting correlation between the “problems” in Coto that have been described in the news in the past four years and the most incompetent, ethically challenged CZ Board in office for the past four years in the history of Coto. CZ Board Members Bob Varo, Jerry Mezger, Mitch Hill, who has missed many Board Meetings, George Thagard, running for reelection, and appointed CZ Board Member after last year’s corrupt CZ Board election, Lyle Schlieder have really made a mess of things. These errant CZ Board Members have ignored our governing documents and the laws governing HOA’s, squandered our revenues, exposed us to danger and liability on our streets, fired the CHP ignoring the speeding problem and rising accident rate until recent tragic deaths on our streets forced them to rehire the CHP and ignored legal agreements.

As a former CZ Board Member, knowledgeable about the workings of our Association, sounding alarm bells for the past four years about the only governing body in Coto, our master Association, I can say that Varo & Company are generally guilty of fiscal mismanagement and of simply not minding the store. The “problems” we have experienced in the past four years will not go away until Varo and Company go away which is not likely to happen until after we have state legislature mandated direct elections in Coto next year. In the mean time, in addition to the Desperate Housewife’s of Coto, regrettably, we will continue to endure the mismanagement of our community that we have seen for the past four years. Hopefully, some time soon, both stories will be relegated to an unfortunate, ugly saga in Coto history. Joe Morabito

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