Thursday, April 13, 2006

Coto de Caza, Desperate Freaks Show Hired Saint Paul’s Bureaucrats

CotoBuzz has received unsubstantiated reports that Saint Paul Minnesota city councilwoman Kathy Lantry and Human Rights Director Tyrone Terril are heading to Coto de Caza to consult for the Desperate Freaks. Lantry and Terrill directed the removal two weeks ago of decorations in the council lobby bearing the message "Happy Easter" because they believed it could offend non-Christians.

The Saint Paul Human Rights Office said the director has no further comment on the Easter bunny controversy.
Interestingly enough even the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota do not fully agree with Lantry & Terril’s positions: “… according to case law, the Easter bunny is secular while the greeting Happy Easter is deemed religious. And when it comes to the issue of allowing a bunny at city hall, the ACLU says it is probably not something they would have challenged”, said an ACLU spokesperson.

Given the publicity the Freaks show has received across the country, the producers think that any discussion about values, morals, or lack thereof, simply offends the Freaks and its followers. Therefore, Lantry and Terril will be working to position on an initiative to make it a felony to use the words V and M in public!

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