Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cited WOOAR (While Out On A Run)

Cited WOOAR (While Out On A Run)

June 16, 2007

CotoBuzz Journal readers are familiar with the special road sings used in the community, including the one deeming the horse nobler than the average Coto resident.

So what happens if a Coto jogger ventures outside the gates and decides to use the bicycle lanes? To answer this question, we turned to the OCR’s June 15, 2007 column HONK! – in this column, the writers chronicles a citation issued by an OC Sheriff’s officer to a jogger while out on a run using her iPOD: “ Valdivieso was running on the bicycle lane of Marina Hills Drive, a space strictly reserved for bicycles” and to clarify, the writer get the official word: “It’s not common for pedestrians to be ticketed, but it does happen, said Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Wade of the traffic division”

The rule prohibiting the use of the bicycle lane by joggers seems to follow a certain logic:

“Bike riders, on the other hand, must ride with traffic. So if both were allowed on the bicycle lanes it would become a disorganized frenzy of joggers and bikers going head to head” – you know, similar to the one observed daily in Coto de Caza Drive and Vista del Verde where you invariably see the frenzy of bike rider formation of two and three-wide with speeding “errant teenagers”, or “soccer moms”.

A number of vocal Coto residents have for years argued against Law and Order, and pro-anarchy arguing that Coto is not a police state – this mentality has so alienated the CHP, that the new CZ board has a major challenge to mend fences and bring back the level of pro-active traffic patrol to at least the 2006 levels.

Of course, you would expect that the Sheriff, not being extortionists, hired-hands or provocateurs would let you go with a simple warning if you were to jog using the bike lane, right? Not in this case, according to HONK! – the jogger got the Coto equivalent of “you think your Mercedes own the road”? – “She felt the deputy treated the situation like a drug bust more than the minor infraction it was, she said, and wants to go to court”

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