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Coto de Caza New Leadership - CZigars Any One?

Coto de Caza New Leadership - CZigars Any One?

Cigars could be the missing ingredient to move the CZ Master Association forward

May 31, 2007

Politicos seeking to get an edge on the 2008 Presidential Elections are turning their eyes westward for lessons learned on how to build political bridges. The oddest of all the odd couples: Governor Schartzenegger and Speaker Nunez are being given credit with moving California forward. “The state is becoming something of a national model for how two parties can work together even after years of acrimony” – WSJ, 05-31-2007

Apparently one of the enabling ingredients in the developing bond between Governor Schartzenegger and Speaker Nunez, despite their different political affiliations, is that they can discuss issues over cigars.

Saying that there is a schism between the CZ Master Association board of directors positions espoused by the Varo/Mezger camps and those of leading critic Joe Morabito, is an understatement. The question is whether a cigar smoking tent can be built outside the Coto de Caza Welcome Home Center so that leaders representing the two camps can get together, as Governor Schartzenegger and Speaker Nunez have done in Sacramento, and move the CZ Master Association forward?

Folks: There is no “camp” once an election is over. I believe Mr. Varo and Mr. Mezger should read the vote that was cast. Clearly, about 20 Delegates out of 32 voted to support a new comer and oppose incumbents and their agenda. It just means that a super majority of Delegates want reform, change and fresh ideas. Once Varo and Mezger recognize that they no longer control the CZ Board and get over it, they should just hear the message that has been sent and get with the program. This election had nothing to do with me; but rather was all about Varo & Mezger whose ideas were pretty soundly rejected. I don’t even know most of the Delegates who voted in this election, so other than reading my e-mails, how could I have had any real power over these people or their votes. And, specific to Zipperman, Yocham and Hylka, I hope they will take a look at some of the ideas I have put on the table; but I have never asked for or received any promises from them specific to acting on anything that I have advanced. If the ideas I or anyone else puts on the table are good, smart Board Members will act on them because they are good ideas that could benefit our community not because of who advanced them. Joe Morabito

Jerry: It is not just about asking for county money; but rather justifying the request with facts and figures to make the case. The Board and/or Keystone would have to gather the data necessary to make the case. As such, this needs to be an effort sanctioned by the Board. JM

Jerry sounds like he's given up. Maybe he ought to leave .

This is why we characterized Jerry’s position as defeatist. Also why the community needs leaders on the two previously defined camps, to come together and figure out a way to make progress rather than each side to try to shoot the other one down. You or Karen can be one of those leaders, or at least the ones who can facilitate the process.

In any case:



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