Sunday, June 03, 2007

The trees are free, the benefits priceless!

The trees are free, the benefits priceless!

June 3, 2007

Receive 10 FREE Flowering Trees when you join the National Arbor Day Foundation

You are invited to participate in a movement that began in 1872.

Public Service Announcement

Each year throughout the nation, people plant millions of trees through the National Arbor Day Foundation’s Trees for America® program. These new trees provide vital benefits to the environment:

Fresh, clean air to breath, life-giving oxygen. Pure water in our rivers and streams. Protection from soil erosion. Shade in the summer and windbreak in winter. A home for songbirds.

To receive your free trees, send a $10.00 membership contribution to:

10 Flowering Trees, The National Arbor Day Foundation

100 Arbor Ave.

Nebraska City, NE 68410

Unlike the Free Trees recently purchased by the CZ Master Association board of directors, that ended costing residents at least $45,000.00, you only pay a $10.00 membership fee. We will even throw in a customized Coto de Caza® license plate frames for free, to the first ten Coto residents who sign up – proof of Arbor Day Foundation membership required.

Other restrictions apply.

Coto de Caza- Varo/Mezger $850,000 Incompetence Tax
The Varo/Mezger CZ Board raised dues in 2005 to extract about $425,000 from our Members. The Varo/Mezger CZ Board just raised dues again for 2007 to extract another $425,000 from our Members. Both of these dues increases are the result of blatant fiscal...

The DaVaro Deception: Wrong and Misleading Information RE: Coto de Caza Service Provider Performance
The July 2006 issue of CotoVoice (the Coto de Caza subsidized newsletter) extols the virtues of Mosaic, the landscaping consultant by stating that Mosaic “..has been an integral support mechanism that evaluates the landscape contractors non a daily...


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