Friday, June 08, 2007

Fridge Change – I like Mine Cold – Paraphrasing Reuters

Fridge Change – I like Mine Cold – Paraphrasing Reuters

June 8, 2007

Reuters reported today that Louisiana representative William Jefferson pleaded not guilty on Friday to making and taking payoffs for helping to arrange business deals in Africa.

Jefferson was accused of soliciting millions of dollars in bribes from nearly a dozen companies.

According to the indictment, an

FBI witness gave Jefferson $100,000 in cash intended as a bribe for an unnamed Nigerian official in 2005.
It said Jefferson put in his home freezer $90,000 of the cash, which was separated into amounts of $10,000, wrapped in aluminum foil and concealed inside various frozen food containers
Seems like the indictment has already found the lawmaker guilty: What with using inflammatory terms such as describing money stored for safekeeping as “concealed inside various frozen food containers” – what if I like mine cold? That is, what if I do not like to store my money under a mattress?

Might this simply be just another conspiracy from those who do not like the status quo? Go figure!

Argument for Term Limits

Hello All: Corruption is probably the best argument for term limits. Somehow when these characters stay in office too long they get fat and happy. A life time in office always seems to lead to corruption. We are certainly seeing it in the CAPO schools with long time Board Members Draper and others. Draper along with Fleming turned out to be crooks with their family members on district contractor’s payroll at exorbitant salaries. Fleming’s 18 year old son was apparently paid $85,000 to be a ditch digger working at a school building site. Draper’s daughter was a Consultant to the district through some strange arrangement. Does any one really think these were not quid pro quo deals? HELLO, there is a reason Fleming has been indicted on three felony counts and the assistant superintendent in Capo has also been indicted. There is a culture of corruption in the CAPO school district supported by long time school board members who need to resign.

I have mixed feeling about term limits for CZ Board Members because some times it is hard to get qualified candidates to run; but maybe three terms is enough. One of my staff members who lives in Newport is in an HOA that allows for two terms and then the Board Member must wait a year to run again. The logic there is that if there is monkey business, other new Board members will find it. JM


CZ Master Association Fork On the Road
Hello All: It really does not matter what was done during the Glisson/Rose years or even the Varo/Mezger years concerning the management of CZ. That is all water under the bridge and old news. There have been four dues increases since 1996; one under...

Auditioning For a New Board or Getting Ready for the 2008 CZ Elections
In the Delegates Corner column of the June 2007 issue of the CZ Newsletter (CotoVoice), a direct reference is made to the Coto Discussion Forum and characterized as a platform for ?constant barrage of nastiness directed at public officials in the print...

Winds of Change in Coto de Caza?
By Joseph Morabito, former member, CZ Master Association Board of Directors.May 30, 2007 Hello All: It gives me great pleasure to congratulate CZ?s new leadership, Board President Zipperman, Board Vice President Yocham and Board Treasurer...

Coto de Caza - Land of the NO WAY, Men
As we continue to make the case for a leader volunteer to close the management divide between the Varo/Mezger position and the one proposed by Joseph Morabito, we thought the Beatles could help with the music:

What does it take to create a public spectacle? - In Coto de Caza
During the 2007 CZ Master Association Candidate?s Nigh (in preparation for the 2007 CZ board of directors' election), incumbents Varo/Mezger insisted that because Ladera Ranch residents were making a public spectacle, CHP hours that otherwise might be...

Taxes, Taxes, err Community Investments, Now Invest $26,000 To See Where Coto de Caza Taxes Go!
Taxes? What Taxes? Where do the CZ Master Association Taxes Go?, Let's Tax residents so we can find out!

The CZ Master Association Board of directors has announced that the Orange County Board of Supervisors has agreed to pitch in with some $20,000 of...


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