Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Coto de Caza Winds of Change, or Blowing in the Wind in Coto de Caza for a Change?

Coto de Caza Winds of Change, or Blowing in the Wind in Coto de Caza for a Change?

June 13, 2007

The new look CZ Master Associaiton leadership will be on display this coming Thursday 14, 2007 ( at the Golf and Racquet Club at 6:00 pm) , when residents will get a first-hand look at whether the winds of change are blowing in CotoLand, or whether the leadership is simply blowing in the wind for a change.

As reported by the OC Register last week, the CZ board president said “… he felt the top three issues facing the board were security, electoral process reform and communication between the board and the homeowners”, contrasting that with a board member’s assertion that electoral reform is a waste ““I, for one, see no need to waste time on that, especially if less than 1% of the members want it” - not sure whether these figures are due to ignorance or apathy. our informal survey on the subject has revealed that a) everyone responding so far is for electoral reform and b) when those inclined not to respond where asked if this was due to aptathy and ignorance their reply in general was "I don't know and I don't care"!

On public safety, the OCR quotes new board president as saying “Most of the crime we see is unfortunately the result of errant teenagers”, whereas previous board president blamed traffic accidents to soccer moms. Would be a good idea if prior to the forst board meeting, the board members had a chance to review the comprehensive CHP, Sheriff’s and FBI statistics so they know where the problems are.

In any case, if Coto residents want to get a glimpse at how the new CZ board will perform, rather than waiting for the 100-day report, simply attend the first board meeting. Then ask what the plans are for the $26,000.00 Hoffman study to look-at-where-the-CZ-taxes-go-but-really-intended-as-city hood-propaganda, among other things.


CZ Master Association Fork On the Road
Hello All: It really does not matter what was done during the Glisson/Rose years or even the Varo/Mezger years concerning the management of CZ. That is all water under the bridge and old news. There have been four dues increases since 1996; one under...

Auditioning For a New Board or Getting Ready for the 2008 CZ Elections
In the Delegates Corner column of the June 2007 issue of the CZ Newsletter (CotoVoice), a direct reference is made to the Coto Discussion Forum and characterized as a platform for ?constant barrage of nastiness directed at public officials in the print...

Winds of Change in Coto de Caza?
By Joseph Morabito, former member, CZ Master Association Board of Directors.May 30, 2007 Hello All: It gives me great pleasure to congratulate CZ?s new leadership, Board President Zipperman, Board Vice President Yocham and Board Treasurer...

Coto de Caza - Land of the NO WAY, Men
As we continue to make the case for a leader volunteer to close the management divide between the Varo/Mezger position and the one proposed by Joseph Morabito, we thought the Beatles could help with the music:

What does it take to create a public spectacle? - In Coto de Caza
During the 2007 CZ Master Association Candidate?s Nigh (in preparation for the 2007 CZ board of directors' election), incumbents Varo/Mezger insisted that because Ladera Ranch residents were making a public spectacle, CHP hours that otherwise might be...

Taxes, Taxes, err Community Investments, Now Invest $26,000 To See Where Coto de Caza Taxes Go!
Taxes? What Taxes? Where do the CZ Master Association Taxes Go?, Let's Tax residents so we can find out!

The CZ Master Association Board of directors has announced that the Orange County Board of Supervisors has agreed to pitch in with some $20,000 of...


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