Thursday, June 14, 2007

New CZ Leadership Evident During the First 2007-2008 CZ Board of Directors Meeting

New CZ Leadership Evident During the First 2007-2008 CZ Board of Directors Meeting

June 14, 2007

New board president S. Zipperman called the CZ Master Association board meeting to order at roughly 6:00 PM with the obligatory introduction of board members, including freshman board member V. Hylka, who received a round of applause from those in attendance.

The president then outlined his board’s priorities:

Work on recording general board meetings for the benefit of those not able to attend the meetings
Follow up on complaints dealing with service provider inaccessibility, including complaints recorded on the associations’ web site and either not acted upon by Keystone personnel, or no forwarded to Keystone.
Direct Elections – direct elections required changes to CC&Rs, and Zipperman reasoned that other changes may be possible, including:
Changes associated with direct elections
Handling of home-based businesses within CZ
Authorize the board to spend money (associated with capital expenditures), without having to go through the membership for authorization.
Improve relationship with the CHP
Look at private sponsorship for the Sports Park

At this point, the meeting was opened to the Home Owners Forum. Among others, Steve Masters from Rancho Colina addressed the board following up on his request that the board looks at slope maintenance attribution of responsibility he previously presented, and was promised that Vinnie Davis would get back to him with a response – but she did not. Apparently the issue requires legal counsel contribution.

Commentary: A good start for the new board. For starters, the tone was much less autocratic with a promised commitment to open communication. The priorities outlined by the president are good, but fall far short of what is required.

For example, the board meeting recordings is simply part of the bigger transparency issue, such as the establishment of a baseline with the participation of a board-independent financial audit committee and accounting forensic assistance and,

Follow up on complaints should not be a surprise or require a new board. It is a simple matter of establishing key business metrics to manage the various suppliers. In the Morabito parlance, requires commitment to supplier management, then

Considering a sweeping change to CC&Rs, “while we are working with direct elections”, will simply convolute the process and given the board's performance to date, giving any board authority to spend money, without transparency is a major issue, consequently we expect the board will end up wallowing in the never, never nebulosities of open-ended possibilities.

Improve relationship with the CHP, should be more characterized as “mending relationships”, but again falls short of a comprehensive public safety plan, including public awareness and coordination of volunteers, residents and all law enforcement agencies, including RSM Police, OC Sheriffs, CHP and FBI and finally,

Look at private sponsorship of the Sports Park is a great start!

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