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And the 2016 CA Politico HOA Weasel Award Goes to….? Chad Mayes!

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -  And the 2016 Politico HOA Weasel Award goes to......?  Drum roll please:  Assemblyman Chad Mayes [R-Yucca Valley] 42 District for exhibiting mantra:  To help elect a candidate is so easy, a caveman can do it.  To contact an elected official takes a lobbyist.  In this case, Mr, Mayes has fallen for the self-serving rhetoric of the HOA Industry represented by the Community Association Institute (CAI)

As HOA advocate George Staropoli says "It seems that CAI needs to assert that it alone is the entity to turn to for information about HOA-Land, and nobody else. That's the view expressed by CAI in its CAI Manifesto. And anyone not in agreement with CAI's views just doesn't know anything and should be dismissed forthwith.

Of course  CAI is just following a pattern established by the Tobacco and Sugar Industry:  Discredit industry critics and cast enough doubt, that politicians and the general population will just support the status quo, and Mr. Mayes not only has fallen for, but has picked up the CAI banner by generating and expediting AB-1799, which disenfranchises thousands of HOA homeowners

By the way, if you think there is something fishy about Mr. Mayes expediting AB-1799, keep in mind that weasels are carnivorous and prefer to eat mice, but will also eat fish and insects when mice are not abundant.  But we hear that in Sacramento, there are plenty of rats!

Since the AB-1799 hearing is Tuesday at 1:30 pm, please help me congratulate Mr. Mayes by forwarding him a copy of the 2016 Politico HOA Weasel Award and or calling other senators to tell them the news:
  • Alameda, Santa Clara:   Senator Jim Beall, Chair, of Santa Clara county, 916-651-4015, Sen. Bob Wieckowski (Alameda, Santa Clara), 916-651-4010
  • Los Angeles:   Sen. Anthony Cannella  (Los Angeles), 916-651-.4012, Sen. Ben Allen (Los Angeles), 916-651-4026, Sen. Connie Leyva (Los Angeles & San Bernardino),  916-651-4020
  • Orange County:  Sen. Patricia Bates (Orange, San Diego), 916-651-4036, 9.  Sen. Tony Mendoza (Los Angeles and Orange), 916-651-4032
  • Alpine and Sierra:  Sen. Ted Gaines (Alpine and Sierra counties),  916-651-4001
  • Sacramento and Sonoma  Sen. Cathleen Galgiani (Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stanislaus), 916-651-.4005, Sen. Mike McGuire (Marin, Sonoma, Del Norte), 916-651-.4002
  • Riverside:  Sen. Richard Roth (Riverside), 916-651-4031

Just one more thing:  Feel free to nominate your state’s politico for the 2016 Politico HOA Weasel Award.


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