Sunday, June 12, 2016

When Stopping Bad Prosecutors is The Tip of The Iceberg

Posted by Cynthia Stephens

Katherine, I believe there is some solid truth in much of what you have to say:

 unfortunately.  The HOA horrors and the evil empire across the country that has been constructed and allowed to endure, where only a few are benefiting form the legal and judicial abuses, theft of rights, due process protections of the laws, theft of HOA homeowners finances and families (sometimes), theft of their homes and equity and theft of their safety and security, rendering them vulnerable to even more egregious and malicious motives by some attorneys, some judges, HOA board members and other accomplices.  It is deplorable and disgraceful and especially in locales of America, like Monroe County, Pennsylvania.  I hope everyone took the time to view Rodney Gray's documentary, The HOAX.  If not, there is still time.  See the links below. I believe the opportunity for online viewing for this film festival ends at 3:00am est, 06.13.16.

The guardianship/probate/elder abuses are not different.  The involvement and active participation of some in the legal and judicial professions and other "professionals" benefitting from these absolute crimes and injustices is deplorable and unthinkable to most. Then, the abuses to attorneys trying to do the right thing, following the laws, protecting their clients and reporting these thieves thugs and bullies, expecting accountability and not, to be abused and some disbarred for preserving our system of justice that should exist.  Too many courts have simply turned into redistribution of income and property schemes and frauds, with some attorneys, judges, some elected officials and their syndicates of accomplices benefitting!  It is deplorable!

I am asking that you please watch this documentary, as a recent development reveals a much bigger picture and apparently more "connections" to former Senator John Carona, of Texas (Associa Property Management which is nationwide and managing millions, upon millions and has control of millions, upon millions in there homes and what homes they may be able to steal (most vulnerable and a way they are doing it))!  I am sure American taxpayers and some investors may have no clue of what is going on in this scam, who is involved and who is being targeted, or selectively discriminated against to be victimized!

From Rodney Gray, Producer/Director The HOAX:
Update on instructions to view my documentary film, The HOAX:
Look to the lower right of this website; you'll see a button labeled, "Rent all $8.00." Click this button and a Vimeo on Demand website will appear. To move ahead you will need to log-on to Vimeo or create an account with Vimeo at no charge as the page will show you. 
After logging onto Vimeo, you will need to pay the Rent all $8.00 fee by credit card or Pay Pal. After paying the fee, you'll need to go back to the festival website and scroll down to "20. The HOAX | Las Vegas Lift-Off Online 2016." This festival made The HOAX, as well as many other films, as part of a series and they are requiring an $8.00 charge to view them all for one week. (Note: In the original website post, The HOAX was listed as #53, but now it's #20. I have no idea how or why that occurred)
So you know, every film festival I've ever attended charges a fee. I'm sorry if people were under the assumption there would be free access. I have no control on what this online venue charges for viewing. Just know I'm not going to see any money that comes in. I promise you that...
I'm also sorry for your frustrations in trying to view my documentary today, but do follow these instructions and you shouldn't have any more trouble. I was able to log-on and view my film without any problems when I came home from work today.
Rodney Gray
Producer & Director of The HOAX

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