Sunday, June 12, 2016

Like Guardianship fraud, HOA Living can be hazardous to your health

By Cynthia Stephens

Thank you Angela!   Sadly, I certainly can empathize and relate!!!  For me it has been over 16 years and the HOAs, criminality, misogyny harassment, terrorizing, death threats, on going property damages, legal and judicial nightmares and abuses, knowingly fraudulent filings, and fraudulent foreclosure, for the "cost of a foreclosure" and forced to file a bankruptcy in another state, because we could not live in our home, but forced to file a bankruptcy over this scam, as it appears all the paper work and signatures were forged, then $2500 demands for money (I am told it was to payoff a judge), for my then attorney who was playing on the HOA attorney's and one board members team to pay off a judge) when he missed a filing deadline and on and on. 

Then when the HOA finally gets named in the property damages they were responsible for, about $40,000, when a box broke off they and Verizon were supposed to maintain, there was a" suspicious fire."  We had a 90 day stay to find another attorney, as our attorney was made a judge, because the one judge, Mark Pazuhanich, was finally removed from the bench due to public outrage (the "President" judge, Ronald Vican was going to let him remain on the bench), but he was removed from the bench for molesting his daughter and one time even at a very public event at the Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre, PA, I believe. Just google him and it and you will find it all.  Pazuhanich is even a registered sex offender in FL.  He never spent a day in jail. He went to "re-hab,"  Got that.  Before he was a judge, he  was the DA who was "supposed to be"  investigating an prosecuting the range of HOA criminality, legal and judicial abuses and all associated.  

Yeah sure.  If he will do this to his own daughter over years, what does he care about what hostile, rage inflicted sociopathic and psychopathic and criminal men are doing to me in my home that I cannot control.  After the fire, the local bankster who is co-hoots with the HOA board member (who happens to be an insurance agency owner) and HOA attorney violate the 90 day stay and steal my home!  No notices, no knowledge, no nothing.  They took all the insurance proceeds and my property. I only owed about $20,000 on my mortgage.  They refuse to give me my equity, or anything.  I went to the banking commission and the bankster LIED to them!  And, lied and lied!

I cannot put a figure on how much I have lost over all these years.  Health, career, future, earnings capability and more.  It is deplorable and disgraceful and criminal beyond you wildest dreams.....


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