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Calling All Coto de Caza Senior CHP Volunteers – 1Q2016 Accident Rate Report for Coto & Ladera

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Coto de Caza, CA – After more than a year of going dark – since the third traffic death in the community, the San Juan Capistrano office (SJC) office of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) seems to be back on with newly minted Public Information Officer (PIO) Rafael Reynoso. During the dark period, we were not able to get the information we got used to receiving for more than a decade – it was so bad, we called it the Captain Fonseca Effect.

In our recent meeting with Office Reynoso, he assured us that everything was back to normal and the unusually high turnover of PIO officers at the SJC office was strictly due to promotions.t
The 1Q2016 report shows that the accident rate in Coto de Caza, while not the highest, is climbing back up from the low recorded in 2014. Of concern is the total number of enforcement hours is only about 70% of the legally required level. Also, overwhelmingly the reason for traffic violation is speeding, consistent with anecdotal evidence. Lastly, there is the high rate of “non-reportable” accidents – those not reported to the CHP and hence, never show up in the statistics.

Traffic Accident Rate - Coto de Caza:  Source:  CHP SJC

All these indicators raise a red flag: While the traffic accident rate for Ladera Ranch is inching lower, the community is taking advantage of the CHP’s Senior Volunteer Program. So is Oceanside. The benefit to the community is the added visibility of law enforcement that can reduce the number of speedsters and prevent traffic fatalities.

Traffic Accident Rate - Ladera Ranch:  Source CHP SJC

While we have suggested that the CZ Master Association takes advantage of the CHP’s Senior Volunteer Program and the OCSD’s Neighboorhood Watch program, it seems to be more concerned with the other CHP – The Coto Hyundai Pooch patrol to catch dogs without a leash!
So, this is a call to all Coto Seniors to join the Senior Volunteer program. Either contact the CZ Master Association and demand it organizes the activity, contact the CHP directly, or contact us if you are interested.


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Fifth traffic accident in Coto de Caza in as many months within ½ mile of Golfer Crossing Signs

Coto de Caza, California - Another month, another damaged fence.  That makes it the third one in as many months, right at what CZ Master Association board member Mr. Phil Mitchell claims are CalTrans and NTSB compliant “golfer crossing” signs placed right in the middle of the most dangerous curve in the community.

Wasted Lives & Wasted Laws: Coto de Caza, an Anti-Law Enforcement HOA

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Beware of Coto de Caza's Hyundai Pooch (CHP) patrol.

 #PoochesLivesMatter as long as they are on leashes.  #BlueLives?WhoCares!

Coto de Caza, CA - in the May 2016 CZ Master Association's newsletter, self-described HOA-activist and Coto's HOA president stated that her heart warmed up at the notion that residents enjoyed using the association's dog kennel, passing as a dog park.  So much so that she is asking for a $40.00 donation for park improvements.  She also states that she "..enjoys looking at the engraved bricks at the entry of the dog kennel and seeing the names of her beloved pets who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge including Bella (Belle Star) the original mascot for the dog park and my senior pup that is still with us."

Miracles in Coto de Caza

Coto de Caza, CA - Perhaps it was a good omen that I met with California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers Goodwin and Reynoso yesterday morning.   For starters, I had not seen Officer Chris Goodwin in person for close to ten years.  He single-handedly shaped my perception of the  CHP's professionalism, as he set the bar very high when he was the San Juan Capistrano's (SJC) Public Information Officer PIO.)   He has since moved on to CHP patrol

Clueless In Coto de Caza: HOA willfully ignorant grossly incompetent, or?

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Coto de Caza -  if you stand at any of the most dangerous intersections in Coto de Caza (based on the number of traffic accidents) for more than 30 minutes, you should shot every something.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -  Officer Raymond Scheidnes has taken over the public information duties at the San Juan Capistrano office of the California Highway Patrol (CHP)  from officer Peter Kim, who is being promoted to Sergeant.

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