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And the HOA Weasel Award, the Silver Anvil Award of the Sugar Industry goes to..? CAI aided by Zogby Analytics!

In 2016 the CAI is deserving of the HOA Weasel Award for forging public opinion and engaging politicians such as California Assemblyman Chad Mayes, who is fast tracking AB-1799 to disenfranchise thousands of homeowners. 

The 2016 HOA Weasel Award

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -  In the piece titled Its Official: According to Zogby report, Associations, Board Members and Community Managers Earn New Clothes, the HOA Industry represented by the Community Association Institute (CA) presents contrived arguments using the reported 2016 Zogby Report as a cover.

Our conclusion then was that the CAI was using Zogby Analytics as the Fred Stare of the Sugar Industry.

The reported 2016 Zogby Report findings are so outlandish or contrived, such as the "80% of respondents regularly attending board meetings", to the Johnson and Goldstein-organ-donation-type question: Thinking about the amount of your overall assessments that you pay for the services provided by your association, do you feel the amount of your assessments is too much, too little, or just the right amount?.

Why the difference?  Because of the way the questions are asked!

that we started our own analysis by questioning Zogby Analytics Methodology, expecting not to hear from it again.  To our surprise, within hours, on a weekend, Chad promised to follow up.  He never did.  On the other hand, CAI ‘s Frank Rathbun  replied a few days later and a few days ago we did get a copy of the Zogby Analytics’ Methodology.

We actually reserved a whole weekend so we could properly study the methodology to make sure we understood it.  To our surprise, within minutes we concluded that what we got was a Harvard Professor Fred Stare-type of report:  Full of rhetorical devices, short on substance.  And just like the Sugar Industry used Dr. Stare  to defend itself against claims that sugar was causing diabetes and cancer, the CAI is using Zogby Analytics to advance its anti-homeowner agenda.

For example, the reported methodology states that Telephone samples were randomly drawn from random telephone lists. “  Does it mean that the samples are randomized twice?  It also states that “respondents that were not available but qualified to respond were allowed to set appointments to be recalled within the time frame of the field work”  So, what qualifies a respondent?

Part of the methodology also states that:  Using information based on census data, voter registration figures, CIA fact books and exit polls, we use complex weighting techniques to best represent the demographics of the population being surveyed. Weighted variables may include age, race, gender, region, party, education, and religion.”  How complex is the weighting technique? Does it mean that the information in the “CAI fact books” is more important than anything else?  How does race, party, education and religion enter into the picture?

Also include in the online methodology appears to use sampling frames: “The sampling frames use demographic variables, and if needed behavioral variables as part of the sampling and segmentation for each survey.”  Which demographic variables are used?  Which are the behavioral values?

Perhaps the best line in the methodology is the following:  “The collected data is then analyzed and as needed weighted according to census data, previous exit polls and voter turnout models created through exhaustive research by historical data as well as decades of experience”  What does the voter turnout model have to do with anything?  Did you see the 2008 and 2010 voter turn out models?

While we can agree with the assertion that Based on a confidence interval of 95%, the margin of error for 800 is +/- 3.5 percentage points.  This means that all other things being equal, the identical survey repeated will have results within the margin of error 95 times out of 100.“  The statement is similar to the 50 thousand flies argument:  While 50K flies may like fertilizer, it does not mean it is good for you.

In 1976, a pair of executives, John "JW" Tatem Jr. and Jack O'Connell Jr., the Sugar Association's president and director of public relations, stepped up to the podium of a Chicago ballroom to accept the Oscar of the public relations world, the Silver Anvil – an award for excellence in "the forging of public opinion.

Their winning campaign, was crafted with the help of public relations firm Carl Byoir & Associates. 

In 2016 the CAI is deserving of the HOA Weasel Award for forging public opinion and engaging politicians such as California Assemblyman Chad Mayes, who is fast tracking AB-1799 to disenfranchise thousands of homeowners. 

Compare to CA-Sponsored 2007 HOA Survey


The Tobacco and Sugar  Papers

Wikipedia - The Cigaretter Papers:

UCSF Library - Tobacco Papers:

UCSF Sugar Papers:

Cyber Citizens for Justice, Inc. [CCFJ] surveyed owners of residences in deed-restricted communities in Florida in August – October of 2012.  The survey elicited respondents’ views about ten [10] possible legislative reforms for Home Owners Associations.  450 usable responses were received and analyzed.  Responses which were anonymous or failed to provide an answer to any of the 10 key questions were rejected.  Duplicate responses also were rejected.  CCFJ’s secretary, Dr. David Goldenberg, entered the data into a standard database, then analyzed it and produced this report.

Wasted Lives & Wasted Laws: Coto de Caza, an Anti-Law Enforcement HOA

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Battling the rampant corruption in the HOA/CID Industry

by Cynthia Stephens
Ken thank you for sharing this information and understanding what is going on in the HOA criminality, HOA homeowner abuses, secretive and criminal legal and judicial abuses, fraudulent property thefts and more.  The most significant and troubling issue is you mention "competent lawyer" when you stated: "

What happens when homeowners try to navigate the quagmire of HOA home ownership without a competent lawyer

In 1961 there was a building called Imperial Towers here in Chicago.  The building was fantastic as it was a project that addressed not only a need, but did it expertly.   At the time I was employed with, associated with, and/or allied with a group of old timers in the real estate market who enjoyed not only 'our' success but that of everyone else.   My employer, Joseph Ronsley, was the ultimate spectator - he knew what he was looking at and most importantly he seemed to be novice to know everyone and everything.   Most importantly for me he was a wonderful teacher.  It is too bad that I was not as wonderful a student as I should have been.

Most Frequent HOA Complaints?: Dues Increases and CC&R Changes – WSJ

Mos t Frequent HOA Complaints?: Dues Increases and CC&R Changes – WSJ

So the number of people that lived in associations and complained about them is 69/75 = 92%. This is in stark contrast to Community Association Institute's (CAI) claim that 95% of the people living in associations love them

Phil Mitchell and the Coto de Caza HOA board just invalided the 2016 Elections

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Posted By Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – We have often argued I that we no longer need to elect legislators.  We need ...

AB 1799 (CA) mandates boards to set who can vote

AB 1799 (CA) mandates boards to set who can vote

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In my HOA Common Sense: rejecting private government pamphlet, No. 5, Democratic Elections, I argue that the adhesion contract CC&Rs presents defective and unfair election procedures, if any.  Last month Frank Askin, hero of the Twin Rivers (NJ) free speech case and Director of the Rutgers Constitutional Rights Clinic, wrote the chair of the California Assembly […]

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5 Reasons You Hate Your Homeowners Association

You want the property, you sign on with an HOA and bear the consequences.
When you rent, it’s understood you’re playing by the landlord’s rules.

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But when you buy your own home, you expect to be in charge, deciding what to plant, what color to paint, where to walk the dog. Unless, that is, you live in a “common-interest community” governed by the most local form of government you can imagine -- a homeowners association (HOA).

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In July and August, in conjunction with Association Evaluation, a group of housing advocates conducted a national online survey, to determine your level of concern about issues affecting Association-Governed Residential Communities (aka Homeowners Associations or HOAs). The response was amazing!

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