Sunday, June 12, 2016

Guardianship fraud (in Florida) can be hazardous to your health

By Angelina

After 10 years of uncovering a horrific amount of guardianship fraud (and the State of Florida doing nothing about it -- four years of research for nothing--four years of my life forever gone), and 10 years of my life being spent literally as a prisoner behind my computer keyboard, reading case law upon case law night and day, and filing court papers pro se, but being ultimately denied $1 million worth of payable-on-death bank accounts that were supposed to pass outside of probate to me (as an only child) but didn't due to guardianship/probate fraud and corruption, I am now inundated all day long everyday with emails from other frustrated victims -- a constant reminder that we are like frustrated wind-up toys banging our heads into a wall and getting nowhere.

Meanwhile, I have attempted to go back to my life as a musician and a songwriter. Several (about 80) of my 300+ original songs/music videos can be heard/seen at
Cha Cha Queen

There are four versions of this song. Which one do you like the best? I think this one is my favorite, personally.

but instead of people finding my music under a Google search of my name, all they find is Woodhull versus So and So -- court battles, endless court battles that took place during my ten year naive search for justice and naive belief in the justice system.

NOW, on top of it all, I find out that getting my various music websites (about seven of them) even known under my name would require my spending THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS -- money I don't even have -- in (SEO).

So, I wasn't just ripped off my inheritance money. I was also ripped off my ability to move forward with my creative goals and promote my music. I will probably die without my music ever being known. That's my thought when I am depressed. And this realization is overwhelming me today.

So depressed today.
So depressed.
Beyond depressed.


(We are probably all depressed.)
(I wish I could figure out a way to promote my music and get on with my life, and be creative and happy again, and get out of this inundation with court fraud/court corruption e-mails. At one point, it was comforting to know I am not alone as a victim of court fraud/court corruption. Now, it's just depressing me and reminding me every minute, all day long, as the emails constantly pour in, that I have become part of the Untouchable Caste in America.)


How A Fraudulent Guardianship/Conservatorship Commences And Continues by Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D.

Granny Snatching: Federal Laws To Protect Elderly Gaining Traction

Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG)

Elder Advocates

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