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Fertilizer Piling Up in Laguna Woods Village


I received this information from a resident, and I believe it is important enough and valid enough to circulate to anyone on your mailing lists.  What is so sacred about the landscape budget that this board is bound and determined to keep...and add a whole lot more money in  a period of economic chaos?  They could save a bunch of money by cutting the amount of fertilizer used on the grass in the spring....the stuff grows quickly enough without it...pour it on, and the lawns need mowing more frequently.  $24 per month increase...not great economics for that rate in four years that’s nearly another $1200 per year per manor...again...remember the Third board in the early 2000’ year they upped the monthlies by $65...this crowd is certainly not concerned with my situation...nor those of my fixed income neighbors.  These are still mostly  1K SF 40 year old manors that people simply will not buy into with those kinds of carrying charges...are these people delusional, or is it something else?  At any rate...I don’t trust the board majority to look after my interests...austerity in a period of bad economics for everyone....except for retired CEO’s....what can I say?
That is exactly what will happen with assessments. The landscape budget is out of control and no work is being done of any real value. The dry rot and plumbing are the biggest problems in the entire mutual (and community at large but our money goes to Third and GRF).

The elections are very corrupt and the screaming of innocence at the last board meeting was amusing in that …to paraphrase….me thinks they protesteth too much. One member has been sending all the information to the IRS and they will investigate.

The present board has reduced contributions to the reserves at our peril! During discussions about what to do with the money El Toro Water District is returning to us via GRF, Tso wanted to put the money in the general fund and reduce assessments this year by $7.50 pm/pm but was finally voted down and the money went into the Disaster Reserves keeping in mind “the huge expense we are facing soon.”

In order to pretend to keep assessments down for 2013 this board already reduced contributions to the reserves but continued to allow LANDSCAPING to run amok. Plus, they keep adding employees.

The three POV candidates will do as they are told by PCM and by the lawyers who are pro management and don’t really care about the membership. The membership is what provides them with employment and they will fall without us and should be paying attention to the needs of the membership rather than the wants of STAFF. If you have read the Kelly Richardson written changes to the Board Meeting Rules you will see exactly how the lawyer and management want things run around here. Richardson says the STAFF and the PRESIDENT alone should prepare the agenda and everybody and anybody else wanting an item on the agenda must come with hat in hand and on their knees to beg to have it included.

Once again the cart is before the horse. The order of peck is supposed to be MEMBERSHIP/Boards over PCM. GRF is a lateral board NOT a superior board and they think they are superior. If we don’t get some people out of their complacency and voicing their needs, concerns and wants this place will be a complete disaster.

Mike Straziuso stood in front of the Board before he was elected (the second time) to the board and whined that the drought was over and the expense for water was bogus and he wasn’t going to preserve water himself. Now water expenses are greater than Landscaping and they are completely out of line.

Judith Troutman has only been here 2 years by her own admission. Juhan has a conflict of interest in that his wife is part of the City structure. Bayer is universally disliked according to the golfers….where he has held sway as pro PCM for years. Pathetic. And we pay for it as members.

Paul Hutchins


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