Friday, May 18, 2007

Paraphrasing the OC Register on coverage of CZ Master Association Candidate’s Night.

Paraphrasing the OC Register on coverage of CZ Master Association Candidate’s Night.

May 18, 2007

In the article titled Delegates meet HOA board candidates, published May 17, 2007, new OC Register community reporter states that “a moderator asked a range of questions that covered issues including security, direct voting, the possible installation of lights at the Wagon Wheel Sports Park, and speed limits on Coto de Caza Drive” – the “moderator” was none other than CZ BOD/Keystone employee Vinnie Davies.

The most interesting comment in the article is that according to the reporter, the “candidates agreed on most of the topics, except the possibility of the board meetings being videotaped”

Perhaps the reporter was not present during the discussion pertaining to direct elections. According to incumbent Jerry Mezger, he is against direct elections because it requires the board to be proactive, to prevent fraud. Not to mention the discussion on pro-active traffic patrol by the CHP.

New community reporter, same tenet


CZ Master Association - Varo & Mezger Should NOT Be Re-elected - 11 Reasons Possible Scenarios and the Keystone Effect
As a former CZ Board Member and concerned citizen, I can say without condition that Bob Varo and Jerry Mezger should not be re-elected to the CZ Board because they do not understand the foundation concepts of Board Member fiduciary responsibility, ethical...

CZ Master Association Board of Directors Candidates Night ? A Voice Of Reason
Vince Hylka emerges as a breadth of fresh air, not seen in a CZ board of directors in years! The traditional annual meeting where delegates meet to hear candidates to the CZ Master Association board of directors prior to deciding how to cast their...

CZ Master Association Board of Directors Candidate's Night Questions
I regret that I will be out of town for CZ Master Candidate?s Night on May 10, however as a former CZ Board Member who is knowledgeable about CZ issues, I thought I would provide a list of questions to pose to the Candidates for those interested. This...

Coto CHP Pro-active Traffic Patrol Cause-EffectMay
The CHP enforcement hours for March 2007 are 60% below the monthly enforcement hours since the Varo/Mezger board was coerced intro bringing back the CHP (after 2005 traffic fatality). This significant drop in enforcement hours just happens to coincide...

OCR Paraphrasing in Laguna Woods Village - Clarification
We published an article in the May issue of the CotoBuzz Journal titled OCR Paraphrasing in Laguna Woods Village. In the article we quoted sources as saying " ...On Monday April 23, 2007, a letter in response to Mr. Portlock?s statements as published...

How to Communicate with the CZ Master Association (and other HOAs)
Recently a CotoBuzz contributor received a stupid lawyer letter stating that the CZ Master Association board would no longer accept his requests via email.

Who Decides 2007 CZ Master Association BOD Composition? You Do Not
Who decides if incumbents Varo, Mezger and Schlieder get another term in the CZ Master Association Board of Directors May 24, 2007? Contrary to the spirit of California CID legislation reform, as of now, CZ residents have not say in the outcome.


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