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CZ Master Association Board of Directors Candidate's Night Questions

CZ Master Association Board of Directors Candidate's Night Questions

Joseph Morabito, former member CZ BOD

May 5, 2007

I regret that I will be out of town for CZ Master Candidate’s Night on May 10, however as a former CZ Board Member who is knowledgeable about CZ issues, I thought I would provide a list of questions to pose to the Candidates for those interested. This list is going to current CZ Board Members since they are on my e-mail list and others including all Delegates that I am aware of so none of these questions should be a surprise for the Candidates should you choose to pose them.

Do you support giving CZ revenues or subsidies to outside groups as is currently occurring?
Do you believe that CZ should otherwise subsidize outside groups if it means dues increases for CZ Members?
Do you support leaving the Oakview/Oakknoll gates open in violation of a legal agreement that was a condition of development thereby breaching our security and exposing CZ Members to additional liability?
In view of two dues increases in just two years, will you take the No New Dues pledge for five years unless there is an emergency that impacts our common areas which could mean that you will look to other revenue sources than CZ members to fund any increases in cost?
Did you support the firing of the CHP with nothing to replace it?
Do you support the formation of a Community Services District advanced by Mr. Varo and Mr. Mezger which is likely to raise our Property taxes?
What initiatives would you advance to lower CZ expenses without cutting services?
How would you deal with the need for landscaping renovation all over Coto?
Do you support expansion of CHP hours in Coto and if so how would you pay for it?
Would you have voted to pay $45,000 to obtain 13 “Free” trees if you had been on the Board when that was approved?
Will you support direct popular elections for the CZ Board in accordance with the spirit of new laws currently on the books in California to replace the current Delegate electoral system?
We are selling various services at our gates, including the services of a sitting CZ Board Member’s wife, using the guards paid for by our Members to distribute advertising with the revenues going to CotoCAN rather than coming back to CZ. Do you support this activity?
What would you do to make the financial dealings of the Association more transparent including revealing the true cost to maintain the Sports Park ?
What does CZ Board Member fiduciary responsibility mean to you?
Are you a strict constructionist or loose constructionist specific to CZ’s governing documents?
What should CZ’s position be specific to the Estates and Village tracts and the Country Club and Equestrian Center that add to CZ expenses yet pay no CZ dues?
How would you deal with critics of the Board? Do you think it is right to send threatening legal letters to critics in an attempt to silence them?
What can CZ do to better our relationship with the CHP? How do you feel about the current CZ Board President referring to the CHP in public as “Extortionists”
How would you fund the maintenance of the Sports Park roughly estimated to be about $300,000 a year?
What is CZ’s mission?
Do you think it was appropriate for CZ’s current Board President to endorse a political candidate as President of CZ?
Do you support the formation of an on-going Supplier Selection and Contract Management Committee headed by a Board Member but composed of CZ Members to deal with buying all goods and services for CZ to extract the best contract terms and conditions and price through use of purchasing department techniques used in business. If not, how do you propose to get this done?
Do you believe that all major contracts should be bid out on a three year basis to test the market?
Do you support positioning Keystone’s Executive Director as a CZ employee reporting to the Board thereby breaching the agent relationship necessary to shield CZ from employment practice liability as is currently occurring?
Do you support spending over $300,000 a year, the current expenditure, on Universal Patrols?
What expense would you cut to put more money into Landscaping Replacement/ Renovation?
What should be done with the Welcome Home Center and/or would you support a Special Assessment to build an office building at the Welcome Home Center ?
What should be done with the final parcel of land at the Sports Park ?
What would you do to deal with speeding on our streets?
What would you do to deal with vandalism in Coto probably committed by Coto kids?
How would you enforce more stringent security at our gates assuming you support the concept?
Would you have voted for two dues increases in the last two years without first dealing with subsidies and revenues going to outside groups?

It would be great if we could have all the answers to these questions and any others of concern dealt with on Candidate’s night so that Delegates can clearly see what each candidate stands for before the voting. Joe Morabito

Excellent list – shows an intimate knowledge of association affairs, and a good argument for new board member to reach out to former board members to make sure the proverbial wheel is not re-invented.

Looking at the CZ board candidates, the responses for the most part are obvious – on one side there is Messes Varo/Mezger/ Schlieder, and then the other candidates.

Seems like the questions are designed for the delegates than for the candidates. Depending on how the delegates respond to these questions, then they can choose Messes Varo/Mezger/ Schlieder, or other candidates.- Buzz


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