Monday, May 07, 2007

OCR Paraphrasing in Laguna Woods Village - Clarification

OCR Paraphrasing in Laguna Woods Village - Clarification

May 7, 2007

We published an article in the May issue of the CotoBuzz Journal titled OCR Paraphrasing in Laguna Woods Village. In the article we quoted sources as saying " ...On Monday April 23, 2007, a letter in response to Mr. Portlock’s statements as published by the OCR, was hand carried to the LWV Globe. The editor assured the author that the letter would appear in the April 26, 2007 edition of the Globe paper. The letter was not printed as promised. Cheryl Walker (LWV Reporter) was asked why the letter was not published and her response what that they lost it!"

Today (May 7, 2007), the CotoBuzz Journal offices received a call from a person who identified herself as Cheryl Walker and demanded a retraction, otherwise "you will hear from our lawyers"!.

When we asked why a retraction was necessary, the person told us that the letter alluded to above was not "lost", rather mis-filed.

Although we have the information in writing from our sources, (hence no danger of mis-interpretation), we have not attempted to confirm whether these sources heard "lost" or "misfiled", however, to give Ms. Walker the benefit of the doubt, there you have it, we stand corrected - according to Ms. Walker, the letter was not lost, only misfiled


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