Sunday, May 06, 2007

How to Communicate with the CZ Master Association (and other HOAs)

May 6, 2007

Recently a CotoBuzz contributor received a stupid lawyer letter stating that the CZ Master Association board would no longer accept his requests via email.

A HOA resident addressed a similar question to LA Times Associations columnists Glassman & Vanitizan. This time however, the homeowner’s preferred communication was via snail mail: “The board keeps telling me they sent me an e-mail and if I didn't get it, then that's my problem. I rarely receive the board transmissions, so I've asked them to stop e-mailing me. I want only hard-copy communications, but the board refuses, saying they can send out notices in any medium they want. Is that true?” – LA Times Associations column E-Mail-only policy doesn’t fly, May 6, 2007

The columnist’s response: “Absent that written request, the board must communicate in one of the other ways permitted by Civil Code section 1350.7, which titleholders should review very carefully. It is the owner's responsibility to be aware of them and request a particular method of delivery…. Titleholders should make their preferred method of delivery known in writing to the board in a way that is well documented.”

The official version of Civil Code section 1350.7 can be found at http://www.leginfo. . Click on "California Law" and search the Civil Code for sections 1350 to 1378.

Questions to LA Times Associations columnists can may be e-mailed tonoexit@mindspring .com.


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