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CZ Master Association District Delegates Want C.H.A.N.G.E!!

CZ Master Association District Delegates Want C.H.A.N.G.E!!
Freshman Hylka gets mandate, receiving more votes than all three incumbents combined!

May 26, 2007

Preliminary results of the 2007-2008 CZ Master Association board of directors election held May 24, 2007, indicate that the district delegates responsible for electing three directors from incumbents Varo, Mezger and Schlieder, and newcomers Hylka and Zurovski, have decided the community needs change.

The report we filed May 10, 2007 documenting Candidate’s Night, a time when candidates running for a seat on the CZ Master Association board of directors get to field questions from the delegates, we concluded that “Clearly Vince Hylka is a breadth of fresh air, something the community has lacked for more than four years.” Our call to action to district delegates was:

“We urge the non-aligned delegates to use cumulative voting to elect Vince Hylka – that is, use all you allocated votes to elect Hylka. Any other combination will result in re-electing the incumbents”

Election results show the wisdom of the non-aligned delegates, as there were enough independent votes to vote in the two newcomers – but the delegates were not willing to risk the Keystone Effect (at least one of the three “independent election inspectors” is part of Messrs. Varo/Mezger propaganda machine.

Preliminary results of the 2007-2008 CZ Master Association BOD Elections

Candidate Status Total Votes
Vince Hylka
Bob Varo

Jerry Mezger

Lyle Schlieder

Michael Zuvoski
New candidate
Incumbent CZ president



New candidate




These results prompted the following response from former CZ director Joseph Morabito:

All: It seems the message did in fact get through to Delegates concerning Bob Varo and Jerry Mezger. Normally incumbents should be the highest vote getters; but in this case new comer Vince Hylka took the prize

It is very clear that this overwhelming vote for Vince Hylka is a vote for fresh ideas and change and a repudiation of Bob Varo and Jerry Mezger. All votes combined for incumbents did not come anywhere close to Mr. Hylka’s total which is amazing. I don’t think I have ever seen a CZ election quite like this one. Vince Hylka should be congratulated on his brilliant election victory. When I was elected with the highest vote count that year, I got about 2500 votes as an incumbent. So, this really is a landslide for Hylka falling on Varo and Mezger. Be assured, if we had professional pundits calling this election that is exactly what would be said. So clearly, the vast majority of Delegates agree that Varo and Mezger are incompetent, unethical and corrupt since they voted for a new comer instead of incumbents. Cards talk and numbers don’t lie. Though Varo & Mezger were re-elected it was with NO MANDATE or support for their fiascos. Varo & Mezger should be recalled from office. However, at least for now justice has been done. Joe Morabito

Consider that these results are in spite of the Keystone Effect (at least one “independent election inspector” is directly involved with the Varo/Mezger propaganda machine, and the OC Regsiter’s reporting (no significant difference in the candidates). Hence the message is loud and clear – Vince has a mandate to bring back common sense to the running of the association.

There were enough votes to vote Vince and Michael in, but the delegates did what we hoped they would do – not take a chance and go for the marbles.

The question is whether Yocam and Zipperman will finally stand up to be counted.

In our recently derived Pinnacle Principle, we hoped Vince would be part of the X-factor- it is now confirmed he is. Now Yocham and Zipperman can be part of the X-factor needed to bring back Common Sense to CZ, or they can find X-cuses to maintain the status quo. Buzz


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