Friday, May 18, 2007

Coto de Caza is Not an Orange County Island! – Or is it?

Coto de Caza is Not an Orange County Island! – Or is it?

May 18, 2007

Following up on comments from Joseph Morabito, former member of the CZ Master Association board of directors on what Coto de Caza needs from the Orange County board of supervisors, we asked the President of the Orange County Taxpayers Association, Reed Royalty what he thought of Mr. Morabito’s suggestions. He declined to comment because he did not have “first-hand knowledge of the issues raised in Mr. Morabito’s letter” to Supervisor Pat Bates’ spokesperson.

So we turned our attention to the Orange County Recorder’s office for information pertaining to funding requests to the 5th district by residents/leaders of the unincorporated areas of Ladera Ranch and Coto de Caza: We promptly received a definitive response, as we usually do, stating there was nothing associated with requests for funding on the County’s Agenda Search, and suggested we contact supervisor Bates directly.

We then turned to Supervisor Bates’ spokesperson, Sergio Prince, asking him to let us view all requests for funding from Coto de Caza and Ladera Ranch. We did not get a response. We then called Supervisor Bates’ Office Manager, Justin McCusker for the same information – We did not get a response.

Lastly, we sent the same request to Orange County Chairman Chris Norby and eureka! We got a response from Orange County Cerk Darlene Bloom asking for clarification.

Given the simplicity of the request, and the hoops we are having to jump through, we are now wondering whether the un-incorporated area of Coto de Caza IS an island of Orange County! You know, like when the CZ master association board of directors does not want to provide us with information associated with the activities/decisions of the landscaping or public safety committees, all they do is ask the attorneys to write letters saying these committees are not association committees!

I never did get a response or even an acknowledgement of my e-mail from Sergio Prince, Supervisor Bates spokesperson. It would appear that some common sense training concerning customer service is in order. Perhaps, since Bob Varo inappropriately endorsed Supervisor Bates for election as CZ Board President, he might have better luck. After all, Mr. Varo did get Bates to waste $25,000 of our tax and dues money to fund a study to tell us that we all pay a lot in various taxes. Go figure. Joe Morabito

Hi Joe:

Something that perhaps is not obvious to the Varo/Mezger movement to turn Coto into as City, is that by statute, correspondence to and from government officials is presumed open to the public. Hence, as soon as we communicated with the OC Supervisor’s chairman and copied the OC Supervisor’s legal council, we had an immediate response from the County’s Clerk. We should have access to the information we requested early next week (based on our availability) !

Once Coto is turned into a city, by law, there should no longer be this double-talk about “these were association committees, before they were not”! - Buzz


The reality is that we need just two things from Supervisor Pat Bates that should justifiably be funded by the county given the tax dollars that we pay. They are about $240,000 a year of pro-active Sheriff and/or CHP traffic patrols in Coto to deal with...

How many times must the CZ safety committee be formed before it can be called an association committee?
A 2006 CZ newsletter proudly announces that the ?CZ Master Association Champions Public Safety Committee?, During 2006 general CZ board meetings, the board appoints a chairman and various public safety committee members.A 2007 CZ stupid lawyer letter...


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