Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Coto CHP Pro-active Traffic Patrol Cause-Effect

Coto CHP Pro-active Traffic Patrol Cause-Effect

May 7, 2007

The CHP enforcement hours for March 2007 are 60% below the monthly enforcement hours since the Varo/Mezger board was coerced intro bringing back the CHP (after 2005 traffic fatality). This significant drop in enforcement hours just happens to coincide with the CZ Master Association board of director's decision to change CHP contract renewals from the standard yearly basis to quarterly.

In the past, the number of citations per enforcement hour has been roughly one citation per enforcement hour. In March, the number of citations/CHP enforcement hour increased to almost two per hour!

Might this be because the word on the street is that CHP enforcement is inconsequential?

Let’s face it, Varo’s publicly hostile attitude toward the CHP can’t be good for the relationship. Varo and Mezger never wanted the CHP in Coto and they are getting their wish. Remember, they were concerned that their country club friends might get cited for DUI’s going home from the club. Joe Morabito

We said it before the two recent traffic fatalities (up to one week before the first fatality). We said it after and will say it one more time: This “devil may care” attitude toward public safety in general and pro-active traffic patrol specifically is tantamount to depraved indifference and is begging for the third traffic fatality! - Buzz


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