Friday, May 25, 2007

The Pinnacle of Awareness & The Law of Attribution

The Pinnacle of Awareness & The Law of Attribution
Corrupt Delegate System and Keystone Effect

May 25, 2007

Effective managers often take a “management by exception” approach. A popular problem-solving tool used in management similar to the “management by exception approach” is a Pareto Analysis, commonly referred to the 80-20 Rule: The notion that 80% of the opportunities are found in 20% of the options – or in the words of Management Guru Juran: The identification of the vital few from the trivial many.

Burberry Chief Executive Officer Angela Ahrendts, “On her third day as CEO of Burberry asked Burberry Chief Financial Officer Stacey Cartewright for a report on what each product contributed to the business: 80% of Burberry’s sales came from 20 of its Wares”! – WSJ, may 24, 2007

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that 80% of the problems with the fiscal management of the CZ Master association can be found in 20% of the line items – a good argument for the 2007-2008 CZ Master Association BOD to conduct an independent financial audit.

A related concept in operations management, is that at best, 25% of the operational problems are visible to executives, whereas over 75% of these are visible to the worker bees. We call this concept the Pinnacle of Awareness, and illustrated by Jerry Mezger comments to critic Joe Morabito, shortly after the 2007-2008 CZ Master Association results were announced: This vote also means that virtually the entire community has tuned you out because they see how ridiculous your emails and blog are” – In fact, the election results can be attributed to the use of cumulative voting, designed to assure that a minority in the community can maintain power, not to mention the Keystone Effect, and Exhibit A to do away with the corrupt delegate system

I believe it was Jerry Mezger and Bob Varo who oppose direct popular elections in Coto, RIGHT? So Bob and Jerry support the same system that exists in Communist China, Vietnam and Cuba ? Not even Russia has this system anymore. We need three CZ Board members committed to bring direct popular elections to Coto in the spirit of new state laws in California . We need fresh ideas and true democracy in Coto. Joseph Morbito,

"You need a civics lesson. The US Presidential election isn’t even a direct popular vote. Just ask Al Gore" - Jerry Mezger, incumbent seeking another term, and the one who stated that he does not support direct elections because the CZ BOD would have to work to prevent fraud!

Jerry: I have a degree in Political Science and one in History both with a specialization in American History and Government which I taught at the junior, senior and adult school levels for six years in LA. Matter of fact, I actually taught the course designed for immigrants to become American citizens. I think I could give you a major civics lesson. Our Delegate System is nothing like the Electoral College. The reason our system needs to be replaced with direct popular election is because it does not provide the necessary checks and balances that exist in American government. The very notion that a sitting Board member is able to act as a Delegate voting on both election and the Recall of that very same Board Member is just plain corrupt. Since all current Board Members are also Delegates, if you all were a bunch of crooks and/or incompetent, it would be virtually impossible under the current system to recall the Board because the threshold for Recall is so high, that a corrupt Board could veto their own Recall which is absurd. That would be like the President acting to veto his own Recall. And, the Electoral College which was designed to protect the small states from dominance by the big states plays no role at all in the Recall process. And, further the Electoral vote is completely predicated on a winner take all system in each state dictating the vote in that state unlike our system which allows Delegates to vote for anyone they choose because district thresholds are never met.

I never did serve as a Delegate while I was on the Board because I thought to do so was wrong given our system. It was even more corrupt before we changed the rules which allowed literally anyone to represent multiple districts. I tried to convince other sitting Board Members who were Delegates at the time to change the rules to bar sitting Board Members from serving as Delegates for these very reasons; but since all were Delegates at the time corrupted by this process, I could not get it done. In any case, the laws in California have changed to encourage direct popular elections for HOA’s. As soon as we get three Board Members who support direct popular election, we can do what is necessary to end this corrupt system that no one really understands, once and for all.

Of course, since you and Bob Varo conspired with Sean Larkin in 2006 to cheat a candidate out of a Board seat, I can see why you would continue to support the current corrupt system. If this is not true, why not hold up your hand and swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth under penalty of perjury or better yet being struck by lightening. You and Bob Varo knew very well that Sean Larkin had relocated for another job. You and Varo manipulated the 2006 election by having Larkin resign one week after the election rather than one week before which would have opened up another Board seat thereby insuring the election of one of the other candidates running that year. Instead, by intentionally playing this game you and Varo got to appoint a candidate of your liking. I call that dirty pool, unethical and despicable. But then again, you don’t seem to know where the line is concerning ethical Board Member behavior related to a variety of issues, so your actions were no surprise. Joe Morabito


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