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Two of the Worst & Most Detrimental Laws to Hit California are Sponsored by None Other than: California Association of Realtors (R)

Two of the Worst & Most Detrimental Laws to Hit California are Sponsored by None Other than: California Association of Realtors (R)

The Gold is Gone --No more gold in the Golden State!

(c)2007 D. Vanitzian, J.D., Arbitrator

May 20, 2007

Dear Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,

SHATZI! PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR PROMISE TO US. Please listen to the people who support you and look to you to help us! When you first began buying property in California NO ONE told you what you could or could not do with it. Don’t let California change that! Property ownership and the freedoms that go with it IS THE AMERICAN DREAM. Please help us keep it that way.

Our group, HOAATM now has well over 55,000 members who want their voices to be heard, they want the Governor to VETO Assembly Bill 980 and Assembly Bill 1574. (you can join this group for free, there is no fee to join. email: Put in the SUBJECT LINE: JOIN HOAATM.)

No on Assembly Bill 980. No on Assembly Bill 1574.
Veto Assembly Bill 980. Veto Assembly Bill 1574.

We don’t want anymore documents recorded on our titles!

BOYCOTT these legislators now. As of May 15, 2007 THESE LEGISLATORS VOTED YES FOR LIENS TO BE PUT ON YOUR TITLES: Jones, Tran, Adams, Saldana, Garcia, Bass, Evans, Feuer, Keene, Hancock, Mullin, Sharon, Krekorian, Laird, Levine, Runner, Lieber.

Even when the public is sorely in need of honing in attorney advertising, we still get no justice. Take a look at an anatomy of deceit and fraud perpetrated on the public.


February 23, 2007 - Introduced
An act to add Section 6157.8 to Business and Professions Code relating to Attorneys. As introduced, Houston, Attorney advertising; residential construction defects.

March 29, 2007 - Amended (i.e., changed it to this)
An act to add Section 11026e to the Civil Code relating to real estate disclosures. As amended, Houston, Real estate disclosures.

April 29, 2007 - Amended (changed again)
An act to add Sections 11098 and 11026e to the Civil Code relating to real estate. As amended, Houston, Real estate.

May 3, 2007 - Amended (changed again)
An act to add Sections 11098 and 11026e to the Civil Code relating to real estate. As amended, Houston, Real estate: fees.

May 15, 2007 (changed again AND adds a co-author)
An act to add Sections 11098 and 11026e to the Civil Code relating to real estate. As amended, Houston, Real property: transfer fees.

How do you spell “$ET-UP”?

Guy Houston conveniently picks up a co-conspirator co-author: SENATOR DUTTON just in time to get votes in the Senate to pass this BAD bill
Consumers will not be able to fight these liens once Ass. Bill 1574 and Ass. Bill 980 pass. Don’t Wait. Write, call, email, the Governor AND Assemblyman Charles Calderon, tell him NO on Ass. Bill 980! NO on Ass. Bill 1574 California consumers cannot afford it.

Assemblyman Charles Calderon’s brother is Senator R. Calderon (think: votes).
[source 5/20/2007:]

Ass. Bill 1574 and Ass Bill 980 will ruin your life forever; want to see just how BAD a really “bad” bill is? They will:

All but halt 1031 property exchanges
By default, alter and/or prevent EVERY existing and future homestead exemption
Complicate homeownership
Complicate ownership of ANY property - including residences, and do so “absolutely”
Complicate any and all property purchases - including COMMERCIAL properties
Change the way everyone does business in this state
Cause restrictions, if not altogether eliminate the already fragile “rental” market
Cause an influx of litigation like California has never seen
(guess who benefits from litigation?)
Cause a FISCAL IMPACT ON THIS STATE that California could not imagine
Cost you and me money, money, money, money, money, and more money
Determine what you can and can’t do with your property
Finish off mobile homeownership, sales, existing and/or otherwise
Give every lawyer in California a pay raise
Have a chilling effect on commerce [who would want to buy California property!]
Increase necessary paperwork related to owning, buying, or selling ANY property
Increase insurance costs for owners, buyers, and sellers
Increase insurance costs for real estate professionals
Increase costs of escrow
Increase dues that are paid mandatorily to trade organizations
Place unnecessary compliance requirements on Real Estate professionals
Raise the cost of doing business in California - this is absolute
Very likely have a deleterious effect on those who are “homeless” or who will become homeless
Work with other laws to handcuff the hands of consumers

SPONSOR for Ass. Bill 980, California Association of Realtors (CAR) states:

“CAR is sponsoring Assembly Bill Number 980 to REQUIRE THAT A SEPARATE DOCUMENT BE RECORDED that discloses the transfer fee payment obligation. Recordation of a separate document will insure that the transfer fee payment requirement is brought to the attention of prospective homebuyers.”

Attention Real Estate Professionals:
Better budget some extra money for “TROUBLE.”
Better budget some extra money for “NEW LIABILITY INSURANCE.”
Better budget some extra money for “MORE EDUCATIONAL CLASSES
Better budget some extra money for “LOSS OF CLIENTS

Your trade organization just sold you down the Rio Grande without a paddle, life jacket, or lifeline. Get ready to pay some serious fee-money on ALL REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS because DEMOCRAT ASS. CHARLES CALDERON a CALIFORNIA LICENSED ATTORNEY ain’t gonna stop it--instead he’s requiring these liens be recorded on your property retroactive and the California Association of Realtors is helping him do it!! Imagine that!

Start asking more questions, how about these for a start:
* Are California’s State licensed attorneys held to a different standard than the rest of us?
* How many of our State Senators and Assemblypersons:
--are licensed attorneys while on the State payrolls?
--are using State resources to that end?
--have been suspended from the practice of law?
--have reinstated their “active status” with the State Bar in time to run for office?

While we’re at it, how many lobbyists are State Licensed attorneys?

Charles Calderon, representing the 58th Assembly District, is in the process of making a law that will effect EVERY BUYER, SELLER, OWNER OF ANY PROPERTY in the state. Why doesn’t he just stick to his district! A list of Assemblyman Calderon’s Assembly Bills are listed below. Assembly Bill 980 sticks out like a sore thumb. Don’t you think the public should question Calderon’s involvement with this bill?

The Analysis from the Assembly Floor states:
“Generally, the minimum length of time these transfer fees are being imposed ranges from 20 to 25 years; however, many are imposed in perpetuity.” The analysis goes on to say that Calderon’s Assembly Bill 980 COMPLEMENTS Assemblyman Guy Houston’s Assembly Bill 1574. REPUBLICAN Assemblyman Guy Houston’s District #15.
[source: - effective: 5/20/2007]

“Assembly Bill 980 by contrast LOOKS BACKWARD TO TRANSFER FEES already established in order to ensure that they are likewise disclosed and recorded so that prospective purchasers are aware of the costs before agreeing to the transaction.”


Ass. Charles Calderon [source:]
Capitol Office: State Capitol; P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0058
Tel: (916) 319-2058
Fax: (916) 319-2158
Ass. Charles Calderon
District Office: 13181 N. Crossroads Parkway, Suite 160
City of Industry, CA 91746
Tel: (562) 692-5858
Fax: (562) 695-5852

[source:] effective May 20, 2007

STATE BAR: Number 70359
STATE BAR: Address: Hon. Charles M Calderon
STATE BAR: LISTED ADDRESS: State Capitol, Room 2117, Sacramento, CA 95814
STATE BAR: Phone Number (916) 319-2058 [look familiar to anyone?]
STATE BAR: Fax Number (562) 692-9755
STATE BAR: Bar Number 70359
STATE BAR: e-mail
Author note: (Nossaman, Guthner, Knox, & Elliott LLP)[FN1]
STATE BAR: 8/6/1981 Active
STATE BAR: 12/22/1976 Admitted to The State Bar of California
STATE BAR: Disciplinary and Related Actions
STATE BAR: This member has no PUBLIC record of discipline.
STATE BAR: Administrative Actions

[FN1] (Nossaman, Guthner, Knox, & Elliott LLP) [source:] effective May 20, 2007

Business and Corporate Transactions
Eminent Domain
Government Relations
Insurance Coverage
Land Use and Natural Resources
Public Agency Law
Public Utility Regulation

Banking and Financial Services
Food and Beverage
Home Building
Insurance Broker
Land Development
Real Estate
[source: effective: may 20, 2007]
1. AB 266 - Charles Calderon
* Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
2. AB 267 - Charles Calderon
* Annuity sales: seniors.
3. AB 268 - Charles Calderon
* Hearsay evidence: unavailable declarant.
4. AB 489 - Charles Calderon
* Public employment: State Bargaining Unit 19:
5. AB 502 - Charles Calderon
* Domestic violence.
6. AB 634 - Charles Calderon
* Deferred deposit transaction licensees.
7. AB 674 - Charles Calderon
* CalWORKs: aid payment increase: parental invo
8. AB 733 - Charles Calderon
* Gambling: exclusion from gambling establishme
9. AB 885 - Charles Calderon
* Metropolitan Water District of Southern Calif
10. AB 938 - Charles Calderon
* Water districts: urban runoff.
11. AB 943 - Charles Calderon
* Initiative petitions: signature requirement.
12. AB 976 - Charles Calderon
* Tenancy: tenant's characteristics.
13. AB 980 - Charles Calderon
* Real estate transfer fees: residential property <=== * * * *
14. AB 988 - Charles Calderon
* Federal homeland security grant funds.
15. AB 991 - Charles Calderon
* Public employees' retirement: Deferred Retire
16. AB 1008 - Charles Calderon
* Insurance: vehicle service contracts.
17. AB 1012 - Charles Calderon
* Oil and gas deposits: property tax assessment
18. AB 1305 - Charles Calderon
* Community colleges: employment of full-time f
19. AB 1309 - Charles Calderon
* Mobilehomes: rent control.
20. AB 1313 - Charles Calderon
* Credit cards: cancellations.
21. AB 1447 - Charles Calderon
* Hazardous waste: major appliances.
22. AB 1486 - Charles Calderon
* Licensed professional counselors.
23. AB 1546 - Charles Calderon
* Income taxes: limited liability companies: ap
24. AB 1551 - Charles Calderon
* Sales tax: Adult Entertainment Venue Impact F
25. AB 1561 - Charles Calderon
* Income taxes: pensions.
26. AB 1582 - Charles Calderon
* Crimes: marijuana: possession: penalty.
27. AB 1677 - Charles Calderon
* Internet transactions: verification: banking
28. ACA 6 - Charles Calderon
* Initiative measures: legislative review.
29. ACR 27 - Charles Calderon
* Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Jerry Orti
[source] effective May 20, 2007


Interest: Contributions: Voted with this Interest :
Real estate developers & subdividers $80,750 20%(1 out of 5 bills)
Construction, unclassified $77,175 41% (7 out of 17 bills)
Residential construction $71,933 43% (3 out of 7 bills)
Real estate $66,028 23% (7 out of 31 bills)
Insurance companies, general $59,125 36% (16 out of 44 bills)
Builders associations $38,500 40% (21 out of 52 bills)
Mortgage bankers & brokers $35,425 100% (9 out of 9 bills)
Food stores $34,042 14% (3 out of 21 bills)
Real estate agents & managers $28,575 61% (11 out of 18 bills)
Auto dealers, new & used $27,700 22% (4 out of 18 bills)


Two of the Worst & Most Detrimental Laws to Hit California are Sponsored by None Other than: California Association of Realtors (R) The Gold is Gone --No more gold in the Golden State!
Dear Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
SHATZI! PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR PROMISE TO US. Please listen to the people who support you and look to you to help us! When you first began buying property in California NO ONE told you what you could or could not do...

It apparently does not matter that titleholders with a vested interest in their property cannot get their legislators to carry legislation to help US, but, they can waste taxpayer funds by preventing the bills WE WANT and NEED by CHANGING *ONE* WORD in an...

So THIS is what the Senate calls an "Open Meeting." How many Open Meetings have THEY been to? Obviously not many. ROTFLMAO!

CAN YOU OUTSWIM YOUR HOA SHARKS? or will you drown trying?
Owning, let alone living in an HOA is a tough JOB and requires you be physically fit, possess a certain sophistication of the processes, and have the character let alone stamina, that allows you to be persistent in a manner that indescribable to REAL...

(c) D. Vanitzian
May 16, 2007The Gray Panthers are on record as SUPPORTING A BAD BAD BAD BAD BILL: Senate Bill Number 948. SHAME ON YOU. Where the heck are you getting your information from?

The Law of Unintended Consequences: Legislation and HOA BOD Cause and Effect: Clueless in my CAR
Coming off a most improbable but successful campaign to defeat SB 670 author and HOA advocate Vanitizian thanks supporters making a connection between the quality of legislation being passed in Sacramento, and the quality of life in most homeowners...

Paraphrasing the LA Times on Defeat of SB670 & Wicked Twin Witches of the West - SB 127 & AB-980
Taking a page out of the OC Register?s ?paraphrased reporting?, an article written by LA Times staff writer Diane Weder titled ?Bill to limit transfer fee founders?, published appropriately on May 13, 2007, quotes the president of the statewide Realtors...

One More Near Miss Avoided - Clueless in My CID/HOA
The number one rule in the Australian Aviation Magazine?s list of Flight Rules is the one about airplane take off and landing: Every takeoff is optional, Every landing is mandatory!It is safe to say that most travelers know that takeoffs and

Private Transfer Tax - Good for the Common Interest Development (HOA/CID) Industry or Good for the Politicians?
When we received our copy of the report that the California Association of Realtors (CAR) used to Sponsor and help draft transfer fees, we were confused. Given that Vanitzian has become an icon in Sacrament (some say a thorn in the legislature's side),...

How to Communicate with the CZ Master Association (and other HOAs)
Recently a CotoBuzz contributor received a stupid lawyer letter stating that the CZ Master Association board would no longer accept his requests via email.

OCR Paraphrasing in Laguna Woods Village
The CotoBuzz Journal previously reported on a brewing scandal related to alleged misuse of credit card by property management company employees in an article titled Laguna Woods Residents Outraged by Use of Credit Cards Issued to Property Manager...

Letters to the editor

Letters- Unreal State of Real Estate Bills
Regarding "Bill to Limit Transfer Fees Founders," May 13, on Senate Bill 670: The measure left the illusion of limiting the use of transfer fees, while in reality it would have undermined Civil Code Section 711, which has existed to protect Californians...

Power hungry association steals home from mentally ill person for $540 Assessments. The monthly fees for the home paid in full for nearly 20 years ago is only $183 a month. Brother tried to pay the money but the board would not accept it.
My brother lost his home in Coldwater North Cooperative, Inc because he is mentally ill and didn't know he had to pay $540 in dues. My mother left her home to us to protect my brother. The monthly fees for the home she paid in full for nearly 20 years...


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