Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Law of Unintended Consequences: Legislation and HOA BOD Cause and Effect: Clueless in my CAR

The Law of Unintended Consequences: Legislation and HOA BOD Cause and Effect: Clueless in my CAR

May 16, 2007

Coming off a most improbable but successful campaign to defeat SB 670 author and HOA advocate Vanitizian thanks supporters making a connection between the quality of legislation being passed in Sacramento, and the quality of life in most homeowners associations as a function of association board of directors. It is not too big of a leap to see that resident apathy within homeowners associations, is not much different that with typical real estate agents in relationship to CAR.

Following is a letter from Vanitzian thanking a number of volunteers who collaborated in the recent defeat of SB 670

"How we live - how much we pay - and IF we pay - depends on killing these bad bills and others like them this year 2007.

Unless the people who are directly affected by this bad legislation speak up - or have a spokesperson that they support to speak up for and with the

We will continue to be condensed like high-density sardines left to fight the establishment and our tyrannical management companies and boards of directors who ARE supported by the Legislature and the industries who fund their campaigns.

It is a miserable existence and a rough place to be without unlimited disposable funds.

But it is also a "mentality" that California's legislature fashions its legislation to. That is, because the response by owners is PREDICTABLE, there is more often than not, NO response.

For those who did not fax me or get their neighbors to fax me, or did not write or contact their Senators and Assemblypersons on-the-record, ask yourself this:

Are you having difficulties in your homeowner associations?



---> There is no Free Tech Support for Owner's with HOA problems

If you did not turn to your Senator or Assemblyperson then WHERE DID YOU GET HELP? WHAT DID THAT HELP **COST** YOU? WHAT WILL IT COST YOU TOMORROW?

Did you receive "ACCURATE INFORMATION" and HELP that "WORKED"? How will you continue to get accurate information for FREE? Do you know ANYONE who works for free?

This legislature is using YOUR MONEY to make your living conditions as bad as it could possibly be and they are doing that because you are a sitting duck if you own ANY property in a common interest development.

You are, effectively in a "parking lot" of people for the Legislature to legislate EASILY.

The laws they are passing that affect common interest developments and properties subject to homeowners associations - IN MY OPINION - is equivalent to laws that contain and house prisoners. They want to contain US [parking lot] and do so at our expense. At least prisoners' accommodations are paid for by TAX dollars. Ours are not.

If the owners who are subject to these bad laws ARE NOT MORE VOCAL, **QUICKLY** -- THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS COMPLAINING later when they are forced to LIVE UNDER the bad legislation.

I see it ALL THE TIME, people write me and call:

"I have a problem with blah blah blah blah blah."

Me, Question: Do you know who your Senator and Assemblyperson are?

Them, Answer: No, why do I need that?!! I'm asking YOU a question regarding my board, can they do this to me?

Me, Question: At a minimum have you read the Davis-Stirling Act?

Them, Answer: No, what's that? And anyway I don't have the money to get that. [never mind that they have the money to hire lawyer after lawyer and take vacations and dine out]

Me, Question: Did you read all the governing documents pertaining to the common interest development where you bought that property?

Them, Answer: Well, I thought I did, I mean, I think I did. How would I know?

Me, Question: Do you have all of the governing documents in your possession?

Them, Answer: I have what they gave me in escrow, I think I have them somewhere.

Me, Question: Do you realize you have a deed-restricted title?"

Them, Answer: No. What's that? I'm just having a problem with my BOARD.

and the beat goes on . . . . . . . ." - D. Vanitizian
Clueless in my HOA, clueless in my CAR!


Neither the LA Times nor CAR address the Wicked Twin-Witches of the West: SB 127 AND AB 980 - see below:

For legislation contact information, click here, find your representative and let them know how you feel – unless you are Clueless in my CID/HOA!

Other contact information:

James W. Litz
Government Affairs Director
Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS®
8501 Wilshire Blvd. #340
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
P: 310-704-2767
F: 310-652-4451
Alexander E. Creel
Senior Vice President and Chief Lobbyist
980 Ninth Street
Sacramento Ca. 95814
(916) 492-5201
(916) 444-2033 (Fax)


NO on Senate Bill 948
NO on Senate Bill 127
NO on Senate Bill 528
NO on Assembly Bill 563
NO on Assembly Bill 567
NO on Assembly Bill 952
NO on Assembly Bill 980


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