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Coto de Caza Elections Over: Hylka in, Schlieder Out

Coto de Caza Elections Over: Hylka in, Schlieder Out
Messrs. Varo & Mezger get another term, Schlieder is sacrificial lamb

May 24, 2007

And the streak continues – We forecasted it here first, we can now confirm it. Hylka was elected to a seat on the CZ Master Association board of directors, while Messrs. Varo & Mezger got another shot.

Using cumulative voting, originally designed to help a minority of residents obtain power, the CZ Master Association district delegates got together May 24, 2007 at the Golf and Racquet Club and voted in freshman director Hylka and booted Lyle Schlieder.

Roughly 75% of all CZ delegates responded to the first roll call and included those from districts 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 39, 40, 44, and 46 – a couple more delegates registered later.

2007-2008 CZ Master Association Board of Directors

Seat 1
Seat 2
Open Seat 3
Open Seat 4
Open Seat 5


So what does this mean for the community – Not much. Although we do not agree with the OCR assertions that all the candidates have similar views on the substantive issues, unless the board is open to fresh ideas that may be advanced by Mr. Hylka, then we can predict more of the same.

Hello All: The Varo/Mezger era is over even though they remain on the CZ Board for now. Zipperman, Yocham and Hylka have the three votes they need to force reform and change in Coto. I for one would like to see the following top 10 things happen in the first 180 days:

Obviously dump Varo as Association President to prevent him from further speaking for the Association. That one is a no brainer and I assume it will happen immediately.
Establish a Committee to bring direct popular elections to Coto before the next election. I would be happy to serve.
Appoint a Supplier Selection and Contract Management Committee to assist with properly bidding contracts. I would be happy to help if asked.
Either close the Oakview/Oakknoll Gates or require a minimum of $5,000,000 of indemnification insurance from those sub-associations to properly protect CZ.
Actively seek to repair the relationship with the CHP by telling Varo and Mezger to keep their big mouths shut. This may mean a series of lunches/breakfasts to mend fences so that we can get more CHP hours.
Open up the books. Bring more transparency to CZ. We will be forming an Audit Committee soon and the law requires transparency anyway. We need to know what it actually cost to maintain the Sports Park . We need to know who is actually using our Sports Park . We need to know what we are spending on high priced Consultants or better yet, we need to get rid of high priced Consultants.
Ask the county for $400,000 to help fund maintenance of the Sports Park and the CHP.
Stop giving revenues away to outside organizations that legitimately belong to CZ.
Establish a significantly higher user fee schedule for non-CZ Members using our facilities and for transponders.
Go out to bid for property management services since it is long overdue.
Zipperman, Yocham and Hylka have the votes to implement any and all of these things. Going forward, Varo & Mezger cannot be blamed for failure to make these things happen since they no longer control the CZ Board. They are now irrelevant, thankfully. It is now up to the new guys on the block. I certainly will be watching for reform to occur. If we end up with same old, same old nothing will have been achieved with the election of a new Board Member, third vote. Joe Morabito

P.S. I may actually go to a Board Meeting to press for these reforms.

Joseph Morabito


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