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Beware of Coto de Caza's Hyundai Pooch (CHP) patrol.

 #PoochesLivesMatter as long as they are on leashes.  #BlueLives?WhoCares!

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Coto de Caza, CA - in the May 2016 CZ Master Association's newsletter, self-described HOA-activist and Coto's HOA president stated that her heart warmed up at the notion that residents enjoyed using the association's dog kennel, passing as a dog park.  So much so that she is asking for a $40.00 donation for park improvements.  She also states that she "..enjoys looking at the engraved bricks at the entry of the dog kennel and seeing the names of her beloved pets who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge including Bella (Belle Star) the original mascot for the dog park and my senior pup that is still with us."

Apparently Coto's HOA president's heart turns to ice when she sees pooches off leash, and unleashes the Coto Hyundai Pooch (CHP) patrol to meander the streets of Coto during early walk-the-pooch hours.  The driver of the CHP, an off-blue Hyundai is relentless and has been seen following closely behind residents walking their pooches to verify their pets are on a leash.  Should the owners let loose of that leash,  they are sternly rebuked and ordered in no uncertain terms, to hold on for dear life, or else their pooches might get to see the Rainbow Bridge earlier than planned.

In contrast, Coto's HOA, CZ Master Association,  is only able to provide the community a fraction of the 520 hours of pro-active traffic patrol required, refused to make use of specially designed legislation SB-298 for supplemetal law enforcement and  the HOA's private security company patrols are useless,  glorified meter-maids, not known for having flagged down any speedsters, or even attended to down NTSB-compliant traffic signs.  And while the HOA president willingly asks for donations to make improvements to the community'a  dog kennel, she has never asked for volunteers to take advantage of the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) South Patrol Neighborhood Watch program, or the California Highway Patrol's Senior Volunteer Program 

But of course, this is all consistently consistent:  While the HOA is the most litigious and the most anti-law enforcement HOA, it has a warm heart for pooches, as long as they are on a leash.

Take for example the driver of this copper-colored Maserati. He blows off at least three stop signs.  One at the most dangerous intersections in the community, Coto de Caza Drive and San Miguel.  In the last one, he almost runs into a white car making a legal U-turn at the intersection of Coto de Caza Drive and Vista Del Verde, then both cars make a right and access the subsidized community.  This all happened May 24, 2015 at around 4:30 pm.

The message is?  #PoochesLivesMatter as long as they are on leashes.  #BlueLives?WhoCares!


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