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CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN – the White House Harlots and the Flip Wilson Syndrome

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With dismal economic data and the Arab Winter of Discontent in full view and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius found in violation of federal law against engaging in political activity while on the job, last week, reporters covering the White House don’t seem to have many questions.  So what is the White House Harlot’s leading story today, including Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon's monologue?  Romney telling the truth about the number of individuals dependent on the government and most likely to vote for the President.  Scandalous that a politician should dare speak the truth!  Never mind about candidate Obama’s statement about people who do not agree with him clinging to guns and religion.

While Romney’s  truth-telling was characterized by the Harlots as a gaffe, the same were mum when the President’s  response to a CBS reporter’s question about why 69% of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling was in essence  Americans are to apathetic and or stupid to know any better.   Or what about the President just last week not knowing whether Egypt was friend or enemy?  Where were the Harlots?

What about the President finding time to visit with Byonce, the Pimp with a Limp and Las Vegas, while Cairo was burning.  Then visiting Letterman today, but not having time to meet with Israel's Prime Minister.  Where were the Harlots?

Worse.  On the Letterman show  today,  President scolded Romney saying that he has learned that a President is to represents all people- problem is, the President’s rhetoric dos not match his actions:  While 70% of Americans view themselves as Christian, in Turkey, he declared that America was NOT a Christian Nation.  In his book, the President asserts that when push comes to shove, he will side with Muslims.  Never mind the HHS mandate that not only blindsided the Catholic Leadership, but directly intrudes in freedom of religion.  Where were the Harlots then?

But wait, there is more:  The Department of Justice under the leadership of Fast and Furious fame Eric holder is working directly with Soros’ sponsored Media Matters to quell news stories about scandals plaguing Holder and America’s top law enforcement agency.

But do I digress?  Not really

Even today, the Harlots despite evidence to the contrary continue to use the Flip Wilson Syndrome as the cause for the Arab Winter of Discontent.

Flip Wilson, an American comedian and actor hosted his own weekly variety series in the 1970s called  The Flip Wilson Show. The series earned Wilson a Golden Globe and two Emmy Awards. In January 1972, Time magazine featured Wilson's image on their cover and named him "TV's first black superstar".  IN 1970, Wilson won a Grammy Award for his comedy album The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress.  Those Afflicted with the Flip Wilson Syndrome then to blame others for their misfortunes.

New TV Show:  Obama's Devil - First Episode The Film Made them do it!

In this case, the  white House and its Harlots continue to assert that the reason for the Arab Winter of Discontent is a video only the 1% in the Arab World has watched.

As Bill Clinton might say, it’s a simple math problem:  If you take credit for killing Osama, you must take responsibility for Benghazi.  if you apologize to the Muslim world for a video that insults Muslim’s  sensitivities, you must then apologize to Christians all over the world for Bill Maher, Sandra Fluke, Jay Leno and the garbage on US television insulting Christianity on a daily basis.

But this is an inconvenient truth

While Obama apologized to Karsai, for burning of the Quran a few months back, the President failed to recognize HE was being manipulated. The message the President sent, as seen from the mullahs is that America has bowed to Islam.

The President for example, remains mum on the Christian Pastor to be killed by Iran's Muslim government for NOT converting to Islam and
he  neglected to mention the Aghani Taliban prisoners who wrote in the Quran, or 

The 2006 fatwa issued by Saudi clerics who after the first Iraq elections instructed Sunni's to blow up Shia mosques beginning with the al-Askari " Golden Mosque of Samarra" Shia mosque. The Wahabbi terrorists weren't worried about whether or not the Quran was being destroyed at all then.

As Newt might say, with President lime this, I would be very much afraid to be a friend of the US


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