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Psst! Have you heard all the corruption at Laguna Woods Village - and other rumors?


Hello Friends,

There are some very rude rumors circulating about the upcoming election and the candidates endorsed by Protect Property Values Club, and I’d like you to know the truth.  Vote for whoever you want to vote for, but don’t vote against someone because you heard a rumor.  We’re better people than that.  If you find this information helpful, please circulate this to your friends in United.

1.     PPV has NOT accepted any funding from the Real Estate Community.  There is no proof to this allegation – it’s really an out and out lie.  All the money raised is from individuals who believe as PPV does that the present United Board is not acting in the best interest of United Mutual’s membership.     Marty Ruben was one of the folks spreading this lie, and he’s been asked to come up with his facts to prove this statement, or stop the lies.  We have even offered to show who contributed and the amount.
2.    A full page ad in the Globe is very expensive.  PPV can prove where our money comes from – can the Fresh Eyes Slate do the same?  Who is backing this slate?  Where are their funds coming from?  Campaigns cost a lot of money, and they’ve only been together for a couple of months.  I’ve heard that the Fresh Eyes Slate is getting their money from PCM.  See how easy it is?  No proof, just rumor.
3.    Another lie being circulated is that one of the candidates, Erna Ferris lost money for her clients as a Financial Advisor.  There is no proof, only the rumor.  Why would anyone want to slam another’s reputation without backup?
4.    If you are satisfied with the present Board, perhaps you have not considered the following:
a.     No input from the Members in the drafting of the Revised Bylaws or Occupancy Agreement, even though work has been executed on them for the last two years,
b.    An, “Oh, By the Way” letter, after the distribution of the ballots, threatening us that unless we pass the revised documents, all maintenance services, supported for the last 50 years must stop, because their lawyer said so.
c.     This is the same lawyer who we paid $250,000 for six months of work since January, and will benefit greatly if there are lawsuits against United for the new rules set forth in the revised agreements.
d.    This lawyer is perhaps best known as one of California’s top HOA foreclosure lawyers, and if you google her law firm, you will find multiple bar censures for unethical practices leveled against the law firm’s subsidiary, Association Lien Services .
e.     This same Board now insists on sending out another ballot, at our expense again to try to get the revised documents passed – even after the Membership overwhelmingly voted it down.
f.      The Board has already passed resolutions changing the standard size of our refrigerators from 18 cubic feet to 16.5 cubic feet.  What’s next?
g.     What happened to the illumination plan?
h.    Why are fines and fees increasing so rapidly?
5.    PPV and the candidates that have been endorsed by PPV, are committed to eliminating the six month lease restriction, to give the Members an option.  For some reason, this commitment has put a target on our backs.  Our candidates are Jerren Auble, Phil Doran, Pat English, Erna Ferris.  If you want to know something, ask them –

You must decide what you want and what you’ll believe without proof.  Then you must decide if you want more of the same with a constant eroding of services, or if you want to have more control over your  property rights.

Please, when you hear attack rumors, to ask for proof.   And again, if you find this information helpful, please pass it along to your friends and family living in United.

Thanks for listening,

Maggie Brown
Old Pros Member
PPV founding member

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