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The Copley Files: You Gotta Approve the Package to Find What’s In It.


Linda Wilson is now on the GRF board and sits on the Security committee. She was then and is now completely clueless and does more damage than good.

Maxine McIntosh who said that Cris Trapp (now Robinson) was not a lawyer is also completely clueless. Mike Curtis says Robinson IS a lawyer. Robinson’s bar number is: 153438. You can see her CalBar listing here . Robinson is the LEAL AFFAIRS DIRECTOR for PCM and is frequently seen taking Storage’s place on the dias when he is absent…probably having a big lunch at On the Boarder… of his favorite lunch on-the-members places. Robinson also enjoys sporting events for which the members pay and also fill her gas tank for the trip there and back. I refer to the emergency only credit card usage and reimbursement for expenses to employees; or STAFF as everybody so fondly calls them.

How many in United realize they also voted on a name change for the mutual? How many noticed the changes said “United Laguna WOODS Mutual” instead of United Laguna Hills Mutual? They snuck that little deal in on most people and when one member questioned the change the board reply went by so fast I think most simply missed it. The answer was “it’s part of the package”. Well, at no time did they explain the HUGE cost involved in name changes. Just recording the changes legally isn’t that much but it is all the other things that go along with the name change. Just more $$$$$ for everybody but the MEMBERS.

Vote the incumbents in United  who have the gall to run again for their seats OUT. Put in responsible and RESPONSIVE people who will represent the MEMBERSHIP and not their own or the management and lawyer interests. It’s YOUR MONEY FOLKS. It is your RIGHT to decide how it is spent.

For the Copley Files, click here for pdf file, including a video 

K. MacDaniel


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