Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Laguna Woods Election Results: The Board does NOT own the association, residents Do!

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Laguna Woods Village, CA – With a full court press by the homeowners board of directors in an effort to change the association by-laws, the outcome seemed all but certain, despite warnings such as the one from the Resident’s Voice published August 10, 2012:

The existing By-Laws are still active and in place to guide and protect us, they continue to be our governing documents until we vote otherwise, please remember that. The board has to abide by those documents whether they like it or not. Do not allow the United Board and their Attorney to bully and intimidate us any longer! We, the resident owners are the ones that decide if we will allow the board to dictate and completely control us and our future! We are the ones that will decide if we want the new ambiguous changes the board is attempting to ram down our throats! I ask all of you to make your objections and voices heard loud and clear, VOTE NO!  This board needs to understand they work for us, not the other way around!

On page sixty nine (69) Article 4, Member's Option To Renew; Please read this article carefully, this is a very scary proposal. Precisely stated that we will be relived of any liability,  BUT, it is also removes all power in any decision process and grants it exclusively to the Board and any monies included in the transaction would go directly to the Board!”

Even worse, On August 9, “… in an unprecedented action, a letter from the United Board of Directors was read on channel 6. United owners are being told that if we do not vote "Yes" on the restated By-Laws and Occupancy Agreement, that United will no longer be obliged to make repairs, at United's cost and expense, to the interior components, including cabinetry, counter tops, plumbing fixtures and flooring of members units. Nor will United bear any responsibility for the replacement and maintenance/repair of any appliances in members units, except for major repairs of appliances installed by the corporation, including rebuilding or replacement of principal components(e.g. fan motors and refrigeration units.)  What a terrible "scare tactic,"  this will have terrible ramification's on our senior population. Fear and intimidation imposed upon us by United's Attorney and the Board! Shame On You!!”

So, it is a big surprise to find out that the By Law changes were defeated by a vote of 997 in favor and 1878 against and the occupancy agreement changes were defeated by a vote of 943 in favor and 1933 against.

As an activist might say:  “ The members of United have told the Board of Directors and their lawyer WHO OWNS THE MUTUAL! THE MEMBERS DO!”

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