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RSM City Council Race Battle Lines Drawn – in the Mud

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Ranch Santa Margarita, CA - the RSM City Council battle lines are not only drawn, but are also well defined -  voters will have a clear choice between the good old boys or new change:

The candidates vying  for Rancho Santa Margarita's two available four-year seats on city council in the November general election include Tony  Beall,  Carol Gamble and Kenney Hrabik.  The former two candidates represent the status quo in more ways than one, while Hrabik represents change and is endorsed by Councilman Jesse Petrilla.

A year ago, Councilman Jesse Petrilla, representing the new, proposed term limits, a motion defeated earlier this year  3-2. According to Petrilla,  term limits  creates a fresh perspective with innovative ideas from new blood  encouraging new people to  enter into public service.   Tony Beall, Jerry Holloway and Carol Gamble opposed the motion arguing that term limits eliminate candidates with experience as well as on matters of priority.

Currently, City Council members serve terms of four years at a time with no limit on how many terms they can serve. Elections are usually staggered so that every four years, two seats are open. Then, in the next election, three seats are open.

 Carol Gamble kicked off her campaign last Friday saying that she was  “…deeply disturbed by the deceptive campaign tactics employed by certain candidates in the most recent 2010 RSM City Council election…  Sadly, I expect one or more candidates will once again try to deceive our residents in this year's election.    She goes on to provide examples attributed to her opponent with her version of the truth:

FALSE CLAIM:   National surveys rank the RSM business climate behind New Orleans, Philadelphia and even El Centro
THE TRUTH!:  No such national survey exists -- the RSM business community is thriving! 

FALSE CLAIM:  The City of RSM has a more generous public pension system than San Francisco. 

THE TRUTH!:  The OC Register compared every OC city and the costs of their City’s pension plans to their residents on a per capita basis and confirmed: “Spending the least were Rancho Santa Margarita…at less than $3 per head.” 

THE TRUTH!:  The City of RSM was one of the first cities to adopt Pension Reform to ensure future solvency and sustainability. The City of Rancho Santa Margarita has NO unfunded pension liabilities. 

KENNEY’s FALSE CLAIM City Council Members have “exploited loopholes” to pay themselves full time pensions.

THE TRUTH!:  RSM City Council Members do NOT receive pensions.

KENNEY’s FALSE CLAIM RSM City Council Members have wasted hundreds of thousands of tax dollars and engaged in "greed, corruption and unjust enrichment."
THE TRUTH!:  This is really insane!  There is no “greed, corruption and unjust enrichment”!  You know I would never put up with such a thing! The City of RSM has a balanced budget and finished last year with a $1.2 million surplus and $19 Million in reserves!   

K FALSE CLAIM Our city has seen the rights of voters trampled on by the City Council.   

THE TRUTH!:  In a new 2012 RSM citizen satisfaction survey, 99% of RSM residents surveyed rated RSM as an excellent or good place to live; and 92% rated our City government as excellent, good or fair.   


The candidates’ statements emphasize the Old Vs. the New:  Beall and Gamble in essence want the status quo, whereas Hrabik wants change as illustrated below:

The candidate statement for Tony Beall, who is vying with Carol Gamble and Kenney Hrabik for Rancho Santa Margarita's two available four-year seats on city council in the November general election.

Tony Beall
Carol Gamble

Hrabik's Statement
Tony Beall's Statement
Carol Gamble's Statement
 Fight for the Rancho Santa Margarita Taxpayers

End Benefits Paid to Part-Time City Council Members

Disclose Benefits Paid from Boards and Commissions

Always keep Public Safety as my Highest Priority

Protect our Children from Sex Offenders and Predators

Bring Conservative Disciplined Fiscal Responsibility

Maintain a Balanced Budget and Protect Reserves

Operate a Lean Limited
Transparent Government

Create Economic Development and Business Retention

Recruit Quality Businesses Creating Local Jobs

Assure RSM has a Pro-Business Friendly Environment
Cut Fees and Regulatory Bureaucratic Red Tape

I Will Never Vote to Raise Fees or Taxes

Oppose Annexation of Coto de Caza

Complete Development of Chiquita Ridge Sports Park

Install Term Limits for City Council Members

Continue to support policies promoting:

lower taxes;

conservative fiscal policies;
strong families;

vibrant local businesses;
reduced traffic; and
safe neighborhoods and parks.

I will continue to work to:

ensure our City remains fiscally strong;

conduct City business openly and transparently;

promote robust business and job opportunities;

maintain public safety as a top priority; and

ensure we all enjoy a high standard of living.

When Jesse Petrilla was first elected to the RSM City Council we k=asserted that whether you liked him or hated him, one thing was a given.  Petrilla is a change agent.  We were spot on.

We dare say something similar about Kenney Hrabik


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Jesse Petrilla is a self-described anti-tax, pro-business, community-oriented advocate against big government running for Rancho Santa Margarita City Council.

The CotoBuzz Journals Poldex© shows Mr. Petrilla as a relative unknown scoring less than one percentage point compared to incumbent Jim Thor. The Cotobuzz Journals’ Poldex is non-partisan, heuristics-based indicator associated with relative name-recognition. Over the years it has proven to be very reliable with few surprises, with the possible exception of the 2010 OC Sheriff Department campaign. We should note that this is the first time the Poldex© is being used in a relatively small local community.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA- If you follow college football, more than likely you know of or have heard of the  Fresno State Bulldogs football. 1994 marked the beginning of three consecutive losing seasons for the Bulldogs, ushering the Pat Hill era, who defined, implemented and has cultivated a culture of Anytime, Anywhere, Any Time, meaning that his teams are never  afraid to take on any opponent, on their own terms.   Hill’s teams routinely play elite, highly-ranked teams and has the distinction of leading the only non-BCS school to record three consecutive bowl victories over schools from BCS conferences.

Rancho Santa Margarita- CA - Typical of the series we call, a HOA's Legal - Mind, A Terrible Thing to Waste, Rancho Santa Margarita's homeowners association SAMLARC has initiated legal action against City Council candidate Jesse Petrilla for violation of the HOA's campaign sign policy.

But wait, there is more -  The city also has removed signs from city medians according to City Clerk Molly McLaughlin

Rancho Santa Margarita's Shovel Ready Voters Guide
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - We say that the 2010 general election is a Shovel Ready Election – including the elections in the City of Rancho Santa Margarita (RSM).   As opposed to the promised Shovel Ready Projects used as a justification to pass massive government spending that even the President now agrees, were not really shovel ready, in this case this voters guide is shovel ready:  Get ready your shovel, put your boots on and get ready to shovel the guano out of office.

Petrilla Takes On RSM City Hall's Kerryesque Stand on Annexation and Public Safety

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Jesse Petrilla, candidate for Rancho Santa Margarita City Council blasted the council for its stand on public safety and annexation. Petrilla took particular aim at the votes ".. cast by the three council members up for re-election, may eventually destroy the small town atmosphere we in R.S.M. have all come to love."

While the RSM city hall voted to increase its political capital with parasitic bureaucracies, such as LAFCO and CLRC by reversing itself  to opposing  LAFCO's  amendment to sphere of influence, in essence committing to provide more services to more residents, it also voted to make cuts to its public safety budget: View this as Rancho's version of DC's smoke-filled back room deals which included Stupak's Soul Sale, the Cornhuskers Kick Back, the Union Bribe, the Louisiana Purchase, and others

The excitement in and around the Jesse Petrilla for Rancho Santa Margarita for city council campaign is palpable, on the heels of Congressman Rohrabacher’s endorsement of Petrilla.   “I am very excited about the momentum and support my campaign has received so early on. We need to keep it up all the way to November.” Said Petrilla

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