Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Arizona Judicial Misconduct: Judges teaching judges to skirt the law

In the video below  posted to Facebook by The Defend Parental Authority in Arizona, Judge Bain from Arizona instructs other judges on the methods that work to get the Federal funding first, take care of the child later, if ever.The video is from  the Arizona Judicial Branch government website, part of its Dependency Video Series training Family Court Judges on how to handle Dependency cases in family court. Judge Aimee Anderson and Judge Mark Brain of Maricopa County are giving a presentation in this clip that instructs judges how to handle cases brought to family court by CPS

Judge Bain also makes suggest that when Child Protective Services violates rights to  simply ignore them and let the parents file a law suit.

Judge Mark Brain & Aimee Anderson from Maricopa county, Arizona teaching the judges to consider the funding consequences of their decisions. It would be like superior court judges collaborating with prosecutors on what charges to file against a criminal defendant.
The paper work they are talking about relates to making proper finding in order to adjudicate a child dependent. If a child is not adjudicated dependent the state gets no money.
As an added bonus, Judge Brain also recommends to all the judges being trained that, if CPS violates the law and the civil rights of a parent, they should pay no mind and force them to file a civil lawsuit against the state if they wish to assert their rights. Instead of interpret the law, these Judges are taught to operate above the law all in the name of what they think is best for children. This is how the gov'ts incompetence through CPS is backed up by the lawlessness of a court that offers the illusion of due process.

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