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Is there a way to reverse HOA committee’s ruling on home addition?

By From page C2 | May 14, 2016
Q: I live in an upscale housing development in Fairfield. We have a lengthy set of CC&Rs and a homeowners association that enforces them. We also have an architectural review committee that has to approve any major changes you make to your property. I want to build a small room onto the side of my house to use as an office. The city’s building department has approved it but the architectural review committee keeps refusing to give its consent. I’ve submitted modified plans and drawings four different times and each time they deny my application. What can I do? What if I just start building anyway? What can they do?

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A straightforward architectural dispute such as this one, resulted in a $350,000 attorney fees!
How HOA Collections Schemes Work: WhiteHawk Ranch vs Bolin

How tyrannical HOA boards use HOA attorneys and property management companies to crush opposition with fees:
Court of Appeals of California, Second District, Division Eight.
Filed May 10, 2016.
The Bolin Firm, and Ngozi E. Bolin for Defendants, Cross-Complainants and Appellants.
SwedelsonGottlieb, David C. Swedelson and Joan E. Lewis-Heard for Plaintiff, Cross-Defendant and Respondent Whitehawk Ranch at Hubbard Homeowner Association, and for Cross-Defendants and Respondents Craig A. Smith, Noelle D. Crabtree, and Charlanne M. Huber

HOW HOA Attorneys cruchs opposition with legal fees

How HOA attorneys crush opposition with fees: Wills Grove HOA vs Yaeckel by "Buzz" Aguirre


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